Saturday, December 29, 2007

[The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind] Whining again... (sorry)

Well now, this sucks...

I think I've got "tennis elbow" in both of my elbows.

I don't play tennis...

Nor do I go curling (like Paul).

But, here they are, all swollen up and pretty damn sore.

What I was doing was chipping a mountain of ice out of my gutters with a hammer and chisel the other day, and I think with this untreated arthritis that's running amok and having its way with pretty much any joint I get the foolish idea of using, the whole damn thing just seems to have flared up.

The only time it was worse than this was in college when I took up playing foosball instead of, you know, studying, and one of my elbows swelled up to grapefruit size. That was pretty damn freaky and fortunately, this isn't that bad.

Still... I'm like Robby the Robot.

On the plus side (there has always got to be a plus side), not only do I now have a legitimate reason to not take up tennis (all that running around seriously cuts into my smoking and drinking and consumption of deep fried foods), I have a feeling that so long as I don't use my elbows too much over the next couple of days and glut myself on the anti-inflamatory meds my doc's prescribed, things should clear up somewhat quickly.

In other words, drink with the shoulders, not the elbows (sometimes, it's referred to as the "European Style"). Thankfully, I spent a lot of time drinking there, so I am somewhat proficient in that form of drinking. I've not perfected it, mind you, but I think I should be able to manage well enough. The trick lies in keeping my balance as I tilt this fat freakin' melon of mine back to take a swig.

Nonetheless, the next time I am staring at the river of water running down my walls inside the house as a result of the ice dams in the gutters, I'm going to call some executive at the company that makes Enbrel and tell them to come over and use their elbows to chisel out the ice since they've obviously made it pretty damn impossible for me to do so.

Aside from that laborious little gripe, how is everyone's weekend going? Fun? Not fun? Anyone in jail?


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  1. What next? I say a dose of gout will get you to the point where you'd break into the nearest pharmacy and you'll be in jail.