Saturday, December 29, 2007

[The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind] Sad... And, Confusing.

I read this story, and it's disturbing, but also tremendously sad.
Man: Girl, 4, provoked me

WOODSTOCK – A retired Canadian pastor likely on track to leave a McHenry County courtroom Friday with probation for sexually abusing a 4-year-old girl instead found himself behind bars after he told a judge that the girl acted sexually provocative toward him.

“I tried to avoid the encounters. On a couple of times, I thought I was being sexually harassed,” Kenneth R. Cooke, 73, told a judge. “I think there is psychological evidence today that children, even in their younger years, could become interested in sex.” (Full Story)
Yes. That look on your face after reading this? Same thing on this end.

I don't know if this evil, dottering, old bastard and his sanity are collapsing, and as a result, perhaps he's too confused or addled to fully comprehend his actions. It's hard to say, and perhaps it's all an act on his part. After all, let's face it, only a truly sick and disturbed idiot would blame a four year old girl for the abuse she suffered at his hands, and at the age of 73, I'd imagine that there are people out there looking at this inhuman fool and thinking that the formerly "good" pastor has simply lost his mind.

Still, there is absolutely no excuse for this man's actions, and I truly do hope he dies a miserable, slow death in prison where he belongs. However, that's not the troubling part. The thing that really grinds me is the following:
Cooke’s attorney, William Stanton, asked for Cooke to receive probation, a likely sentence considering Cooke’s lack of criminal history, age and health.

“He still remains a highly regarded member of his church and community,” Stanton said.

According to court documents, Cooke was a pastor in the Christian Missionary Alliance for 38 years.
A highly regarded member of his church and the community?!?

How the hell is that possible? Four and a half years ago, this evil beast assaulted a four-year-old girl while never once showing any remorse for his violation of this little girl, and he's still "highly regarded" in his church?

What kind of screwed up church and community is this in Woodstock, Illinois?

Do these idiots sit there and say, "Oh well... He's a Christian so obviously he has the license to subject an innocent child to a lifetime of emotional damage, and we don't care if he lies about why he abused this little girl. It was her fault, anyway. Who will save our souls if you take our pedophile priest away?"

Obviously, this church and this community are just as guilty as this predator if they're willing to condone the rape of a four year old girl at the hands of their sick, yet "highly regarded," pastor.

Hopefully, as this bastard is run through the cold, harsh machine of justice, both his and his family's fears come true:
Cooke said he pleaded guilty because he and his family didn’t believe that his ailing health could withstand a trial.

“My family felt I’d have a nervous breakdown or heart attack, so I had no other choice.”
Yeah... That would be truly heartbreaking. I'm sure he had no other choice but to plead guilty and claim that he was seduced by a four year old girl while preaching morality in his church for four and a half years and showing not one single shred of human decency to admit remorse or get any help whatsoever.


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