Sunday, December 30, 2007

[The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind] Freeezow!


It's New Year's Eve Eve... Or, New Year's Eve2.

Umm... wait.

That doesn't make sense. How about this: It's New Year's (Eve2).


Okay... It's freakin' Sunday, okay?

Tomorrow's New Year's Eve. Is anyone doing anything special? Any wild parties with champagne and party favors?

Does anyone have any resolutions?

As for me, I'm keeping my resolutions pretty simple. And, so far the list is short. In fact, I think the few resolutions I have are that I resolve not to rob any liquor stores in 2008. I also plan to refrain from committing any acts of genocide. I also resolve not to run guns and alcohol to any guerrilla groups in South America.

There was also something on my list about not driving any cruise ships into other cruise ships because, well, I really like those bumper boats; however, I can't really promise to uphold that one since it just seems like it would be way too much fun.

Anyway, I'm sure the list will change a lot over the next 48 hours. For example, as a write this, I'm toying with the idea of resolving to bake a cake from scratch in 2008. It may be chocolate, even. Then again, it might be something else.... That is, if there actually is any other flavor of cake beside chocolate.

Ah well... I'll have to work on it. Right now, though, it's Sunday. I'd love to stay and chat, but I've got to watch football and think about eating pizza or something.

Aside from that, though, Happy New Year's Eve Eve... And, if on the odd chance your name is Eve, Happy New Year's Eve Eve, Eve.


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  1. ~~Happy New Year~~


  2. It's about time someone else (besides me) took note and celebrated the Eve's of the Eve's of certain Holidays. Last Sunday night I was bouncing 'round celebrating the Eve of Christmas Eve and everyone thought I was well.....strange....and furthermore, I've been lobbying for years that Birthdays should have an Eve of celebration. I want a damn Birthday Eve and no one is willing to indulge my little idea.

    Embracing the Eve's of all special days........
    Wishing you a wonderful 2008 my friend~~
    Rebecca Anne

  3. Pizza is in my goals.  It may be a more immediate goal than waiting until the new year has started.

    Today, Whole Foods had a sign that read,"There's only 2 days left until New Year's."  It still hits me like nails scratching on a blackboard.  There either are 2 days left until New Year's DAY, or, more likely, there is only 1 day left until the "amateurs" try to drink a lot (and some, even to drive after) New Year's Eve.

    Enjoy Eve, should you find her, and your New Year's Eve Eve.

    I'm supposedly obtaining fantasy football scores right now, for my daughter's math project, but I got distracted.........

  4. Poor Adam...not his day I guess!

    Oh going after the nasty doc or anything?

    Ah...just get a Portillos Chocolate Cake it is the best & well worth the $

    Actually, it is New Years Eve now...