Friday, December 28, 2007

[The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind] Let it Snow... Let it... Yauugh!

Yes. We're getting snow... It started a couple of hours ago, and we've already gotten what looks to be an inch or two. As you can see, though, I am a friend of the local avian wildlife. I've got a hummingbird feeder (which is the only piece of color in my entire freaking yard), and the typical garden-variety bird/squirrel feeder (I don't even try to keep the squirrels out anymore. It also doesn't help that my cat, who you'd think would love to hunt them down during the odd moment of blood-thirsty madness, is actually pretty goof friends with the rodents).

However, even in this somewhat clunky picture, you should be able to get an idea of how much snow has fallen since, when I woke up this morning, all that white was actually a field of green.

Here's a picture looking through my "cool" window down my street which, most likely, won't be plowed until sometime early next year.

How do I know this, you ask?

Well, the owner of that truck there works for the city, and if he was at all interested in dealing with this "emergency," his truck would be gone, and the street would be plowed.

And, finally, here's a mostly blurry picture of a really bored cat:

By the way, yes! I do know my cat has freakishly large paws. Try getting smacked by one of them once. That cat's got a right-cross that could drop a Doberman. Fortunately, when DogCat descends into the wild insanity known as"beating the snot out of a human," he doesn't use his claws and just resorts to pummeling me into stupidity with his blunt but furry little fists.

Anyway, I'll see if I can actually take a better picture of this beast. It's a little dangerous though. I'd rather try to snap a picture of a grizzly's wisdom teeth.



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  1. Awwww, that purty kitty cat?  ;)

    See, you don't REALLY mind the snow.  Tis beautiful, with the touch of blue and the crossing panes.

    I left out my Thanksgiving "Indian" corn decorations for the local squirrels.  They were discovered yesterday, likely surprising my neighbors with colored corn kernels and gnawed cobs strewn about the sidewalk.  No snow here.

    Enjoy.  I think I'm jealous.  Almost.

  2. Give me sun any day ;-)

  3. It looks pretty! We got barely and inch then slush & freezing rain & I had to go up north...ugh! But I'm safe & sound home now but with a softcast on my right foot again! Ugh! Tendon is irritated! I'm taking a nap & then maybe I'll go do some returns & get something to eat.

    I say have some hot chocolate with you have a fireplace to sit & be toasty by? Not toasted! Ha! Well...ok spike it if you like! HA