Thursday, December 27, 2007

[The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind] An Inevitability...

There's very little I can say about Bhutto's murder aside from the fact that ever since she returned to Pakistan from her exile, it was clear her life was cast into an incomprehensible danger.

What I find disturbing is that someone wanted this woman to die for whatever arbitrary reason their minds could cook up. Was it her calls for progress? Was it her stepping beyond the rigid boundaries of religious law in a nation which is fast becoming a theocracy? Or, was it just because she was a woman who wanted a fucking change and a little respect?

Yes. It's easy to see that it was the ubiquitous crazy Muslims who were behind this. And, that's the scary part of life in a nation which is fast becoming a theocracy. The voices of the smart and competent citizens are replaced by the much louder demands of the delusional in control of a nation's political and military machine who carry out what they believe are their god's wishes.

Nonetheless, I harbor a very bleak and pessimistic outlook for that region of the world in terms of stability. I imagine a great many are going to die in the days following this. Pakistan and India are two nuclear armed nations, and all it takes is one crazy, god-soaked fool in search of a pleasant afterlife to push a button.

All I ask is that when you demented religious fuckwits are finished with all your good and godly maiming and killing, can we, the enlightened folks who spend more time living in reality than in some twisted fantasy land of gods and monsters, have our fucking planet back?

Really. This nonsense is getting old, and the world would be a lot better off if you'd just keep your delusions and superstitions to yourself.

Oh. And don't think America is safe from these god-nuts. I think A&E is showing the movie Jesus Camp on Sunday. It's a pretty scary film, and if you watch, keep in mind that our government, our military, and our school boards are already choked and dying as a result of being packed with these morons and their superstitious bullshit. But, I digress...

I think the assassination of Benazir Bhutto will be a bad thing for America. It's already being tossed around that al-Qaeda is behind this, and if that is proven to be the case, that will be a tremendously bad thing for our nation. After all, our own intelligence states that the splinter of al-Qaeda active in Pakistan is the same exact group our soldiers had pinned down in the Tora Bora region of Afghanistan before being withdrawn to embark on the irrelevant folly of Iraq.

I can't imagine how the cowering little whelp in the Oval Office will explain that away should this be proven to be the case. I do imagine it will include more photo-ops with blustery, chest-thumping and foot-stomping sound bites.

Nonetheless, you have got to admire the courage and determination of Benazir Bhutto as she constantly put herself in the crosshairs in an attempt to bring democracy to her nation and her people. And, if nothing else, her murder should should serve to remind us all in this country the price our own nation's founders were willing to pay for our freedom and democracy.

It's a sad day.


P.S. Now, I just saw a little clip of Bush playing the little tough guy and "promising" once again "those who committed this crime must be brought to justice."

I think, at this point, he just flips through a little Rolodex of smarmy platitudes whenever those he let off the hook do something bad. Heck! I'm surprised he didn't just go out and grab the nearest fireman with a megaphone and shout, "Those who knocked this woman down will hear from all of us soon!"

Really. I hate to kick Bush and his friends around like this (Seriously, I do), but we've dumped ten billion dollars into Pakistan, our alleged "ally" in the War on Terrah, just to keep this sort of thing from happening, and this is what we've got to show for it? Musharraf, who cares very little about his people's freedom, is equal parts corrupt and crazy, and those pesky "terrists" Bush keeps forgetting about seem just as strong as they've always been.

Am I jumping to conclusions?

I suppose I am. And, you're all welcome to scold me for this knee jerk response. The thing is: regardless of what the investigation turns up as to the motives behind this woman's assassination, it is yet another black eye for America.


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  1. Someone once asked me what I thought was the most evil thing on the planet. I said Religion. ALL RELIGION!
    May she rest in peace.


  2. They go after her & not our politicians? Odd. No I don't suggest they do or think anyone deserves to die but when you put her side by side with George W? Of course maybe that is it...they don't even think he is any threat because he just looks like a babboon!