Sunday, April 27, 2008

[The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind] I Hope She Takes Half of Everything He Owns!

This story is a stomach-turning monstrosity. But, in a culture crippled by a religion which devalues women to the point that they are nothing more than petty, insignificant objects whose existence and purpose are to simply serve the whims of whatever perverted misogynist to which they find themselves enslaved and indentured.
Yemen's 8-Year-old Divorcee

Forced to Marry, the Newly divorced Yemeni Girl Looks Forward to a Normal Childhood

When Nojoud Mohammed Ali's parents arranged her marriage to a 30-year-old man, it was consistent with the mores of Yemen, her home country on the tip of the Arabian peninsula. For girls like Nojoud, such arrangements mean falling prey to physical and sexual abuse.
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A normal childhood?!?

She will never have one of those. She was railroaded into adulthood, and, as a result of this young girl's admirable sense of self-worth in this dehumanizing culture, in order to save herself, she had to be as brave as any other adult woman who leaves her abusive husband.

But, she's eight.

Does she go back to the pimps who masquerade as her parents who sold her into this dreadful life to begin with? Does she go out and get a job, an apartment, and a life even though she desperately hopes to have a normal freakin' childhood?

Now, I know some will say that this is the "traditional mores" of Yemeni culture, and, if that is the case, how can anyone respect a culture that encourages and condones the rape of an eight year old girl?

Gyaaagh! The whole thing is just infuriating.


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  1. So what is she doing now? Eight years old? Is there no one in that country who will help this child with day-to-day living?