Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ladies? I've Not Forgotten You.

Well... Actually, I did. But, eventually, I remembered that I'm supposed to post something pretty for you all for today's picture, and well... It's not much, but it will have to do.

Another Tulip...

Now, I expect you'll probably see a bunch of pictures of tulips in the coming weeks since I've got a yard full of them. Thankfully, they're pretty things, and it's easy taking pictures of them (not like kids who have to be stapled and pinned into place).

Okay, ladies... Enjoy your Sundays. Put your feet up, have a beer, and watch some of the NFL draft...

Or, maybe not.



  1. Steps One and Two: Done. Step Three: read about it in the paper. Colts beefed up their offensive line, a couple of Notre Dame guys went to Seattle and the Eagles. That's mostly what I cared about.

    Tulip: pretty.


  2. I LOVE tulips!  Please send more!  My husband and I plan on planting some when the kids are all gone and we can sit (YES...sit!) outside naked and plant them.  Once they grow the following year, we will tiptoe through them....naked.   LOL

    Oh, I live 20 acres off the main highway....woods all around.  I CAN go out naked and no one will see...and they are thankful for that!   :)