Monday, April 28, 2008

[The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind] Burp...

I have to admit, sometimes Dinesh D'Souza just belches out the most adorable little notions in his blog posts. In fact, it's not entirely unlike patting the back of a toddler as he or she regurgitates whatever pablum he or she has been fed. Today, it seems to be a healthy dose of Gerber Strained Stupid:

Atheist Bashing Week
Posted Apr 27th 2008 10:30PM by Dinesh D'Souza
Filed under: Christianity, Controversy, Atheism

We've all heard of Black History Month, but have you heard about Atheist Bashing Week? It was Atheist Bashing Week for me as I did three debates over the past seven days with a new crop of leading atheists.

That's cute how proud he is of his little accomplishments. It's almost as though he just recently learned how to work buttons.

Unfortunately, D'Souza's definition of "atheist bashing" consists of nothing more than throwing handfuls of gleaming, glittering turds against the wall to see what sticks in an attempt to distract his opponents by forcing them to confront and correct one red herring --or blatantly erroneous statement-- after another. And, when the conversation inevitably flies off the rails into a silly and chaotic land where illogic rules, this little chimpanzee quickly ceases his poo-flinging to beat his chest and proclaim some sort of victory.

And, in a way, considering that his measure of victory is nothing more than confusing his opponents by unloading a mountain of burning stupid upon them, then I guess he has won. Then again, an honest individual with even the slightest bit of intellectual integrity would aim perhaps a little higher.

On the other hand, I suppose if you're a failing, partisan, neo-con author whose time has long, long since passed, you take what little you can and fluff it up so as to keep the reality of your intellectual dishonesty from seeping in andruining your miserable life in the sand-castle fortress you've constructed to scuttle away your own beaconing moral shortcomings.

In other words, Dinesh D'Souza has, quite sadly, wasted his life in the arrogance and ignorance of his own twisted, distorted and comically unhinged perception of himself.

But, I welcome his "atheist bashing week." I'm certain it will be nothing more than the same old canards and long dead strawmen of pseudo-Christian stupidity that I've heard almost every day of my life from the frothy, self-righteous maws of D'Souza's delusional, hate-filled, bigoted ilk.

For what it's worth, I kick Christians, and I kick them quite hard. And, to be perfectly honest, I enjoy infuriating those who would seek to use their faith as a symbol of superiority and dominion over those who do not believe as they do. Unfortunately, sometimes the kind and genuine Christians whose hearts are warm and filled with the best intentions they can muster get caught in the crossfire, and, though I tend to think their rage and anger toward me can sometimes be misplaced, I'd imagine they can grow quite exasperated nonetheless.

However, there is a method to my madness, after all. As someone once said: "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil, is that good men do nothing." And, there is nothing more infuriating than watching good Christians sitting idle while their religion is hijacked and perverted by those whose hearts know nothing of equality and whose goals are anything but peace upon planet earth.

So, Dinesh, bash away, by all means. Show yourself to be the dishonest bigot, and Christian fraud you truly are, and show the world exactly what kind of company AOL is when they support and encourage such senseless bigotry by paying you to scribble your inanity upon their pages. Perhaps they will give you a special banner and post your face and gibberish upon their main pages.

I'm certain then, without doubt, you most certainly will have won... something.

Now, before anyone wails and caterwauls on about free speech, do yourselves a huge favor and read the U.S. Constitution, and stretch your minds a little so as to comprehend its meaning. And, if you are still foolish enough to even assert that this is a free speech issue, then do us all a favor and do not bother commenting, and, most certainly, do not bother to email me. If the founding laws of this nation are beyond your grasp, I'm willing to bet that anything you have to say will most-likely be utterly worthless.


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  1. I see that you enjoy reading about Christians and how wrong they are.  That's cool.  I agree with you (to a point), though I do believe myself to be a Christian.  What I would like to there any blogs out there that preach about atheism that you could refer me to?  I would like to read them.  I just want to grasp how not only you but others feel about this.  Nothing wrong with me trying to learn is there?   haha

    I'm not out to bash anyone for any information you may send.  Thanks!

  2. Hey Stormy!

    I'd recommend starting at PZ Myers' blog Pharyngula.

    The criticism can sometimes be a little harsh; however, the arguments and the information upon that blog is sound and, for the most part, infallible in terms of logic and rationality.  

    From there, you will easily find any number of great blogs via the links in the comments' signatures.  

    From there, you might also wish to look into this site:

    I hope that helps.


  3. I appreciate ya very much!  Thanks!

  4. ...hmm, did not know you replied to folks in your posts ... anywy, I can't call what d'souza said regarding race back in the long ago ... just know that like in this instance, he was way wrong ...