Monday, March 31, 2008

[The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind] What the....?


Something strange woke me up today. And, even crazier, it woke me with a pretty hefty jolt that shook me out of bed, forced me to rub the sleep from my eyes, and wonder "What the hell was that?"

The flashes of light creeping in through the curtains had me thinking, for a moment, that I was perhaps wrong about that whole god thing, but then I realized that the news yesterday had said something crazy about a pretty wicked series of thunderstorms blazing through our area today, and the commotion outside was probably the result of that.

A thunderstorm.

Like the one's you'd find in summer. Only a hell of a lot colder.

Ah well... We're supposed to get one to two inches of rain today (yeah. Rain. Not snow), and we've got all sorts of flood warnings, severe T-storm warnings, and end-times prophecies sprouting up like April daffodils, and it's 36 degrees out and pouring rain. So, considering the temperatures, this rain is more like a threat than anything. After all, two inches of rain translates to who knows how many feet of snow.

Aside from that, it seems like it's going to be yet another very sore day filled with aches, pains and the urge to just bash my brain silly with a bucket of whiskey. However, since there's so much hype surrounding Friday's premier and resumption of their oddly popular hit series on Friday, the SciFi Channel is running Battlestar Galactica marathons every day this week from seven in the morning until five in the afternoon.

So, one thing's clear: I'm skipping the whiskey and gettin' my frakin' geek on!

There may even be popcorn...

Now, from what I've been able to gather, a lot of you out there in the great world-wide-webby world seem to truly dig the pictures I've been snapping and posting, and that makes me bunches of happy. After all, I love taking pictures of things. It's quiet, solitary and it spurs the imagination in ways that writing doesn't. But, they certainly do compliment one another, and as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. And, with my arthritic digits, anything that can knock a thousand words off what I'm trying to say is a freakin' gift.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for all the kind words about the pictures. It means a lot to me. And, I'm going to try to snap a few today once I find some small, shiny object that catches my eye. I just wish the weather was a little more conducive to a hike in the woods or a walk on the beach. As it stands, though, I consider this a sort of "pre-season preparation" where I spend time learning the ins and outs of my camera before blasting off thousands of pictures of sunny spring afternoons and warm summer walks (soooo looking forward to that).

On the other hand, I think I may have been taking too many pictures and spending far too much time with my little camera. After all, last night, as I was semi-sleeping, I brushed my hand across my stomach to move a non-existent camera out of the way before rolling over. That's how much that damned thing has been hanging around my neck lately, and that's a little creepy, don't you think?

Of course, it cracked me up once I realized that my camera was actually somewhere else in the house and not in bed with me. And, as I drifted back to sleep, I started wondering if I should find the number for a good therapist.

Anyway, you all have a great and crazy day. I'll try to be back posting pictures and whatnots later today, but I can't make any promises. After all, I've got ten hours of oogling Katee Sackhoff's jiggly bits ahead of me, today, tomorrow, the day after that, so on and so forth until sometime late Friday night.

Oh yes. I'm going to come out of this week a changed man, I think, and I'm not going to get a damned thing done during the day. Next week? Yes. But, this week is a sort of weird vacation, and I'm going to try and enjoy it.


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  1. Frakin geek?  Hmmm, I could like that term.

    Just, well, stop dreaming you're sleeping with your camera:)

  2. Enjoy and try to stay dry huh.

  3. ... you are alright with me ... as to your pictures ... never want to rush an artist ... work when your calling calls ..!