Tuesday, March 25, 2008

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Another rough, pain-filled day on this end. It's getting to be a genuine chore trying to chisel my way through this veil of ice that seems to exist between winter and spring. The weather is mostly gray (which, as crazy as it sounds, seems to be something of an improvement from completely gray), the wind is just howling and throwing everything around, and the temperatures --though in the upper thirties-- carry within them the small, icy shards of winter.

It's cold --even though it's not cold.

That's the Midwest, I s'pose.

Now, insofar as I tend to really gripe on about the weather and my sheer hatred of it, there are perks to living in this sub-arctic hell. When the spring does inevitably roll around and arrive on our doorsteps, it's an amazing feeling to catch that first, frost-free breeze while bringing in the morning paper. In fact, I'd go so far as to say it's as if the sun just shines a smidge warmer in this part of the world.

Unfortunately, those days still seem a long way off as the forecast temps are supposed to hang in the thirties and forties all week, and today the wind is simply kicking the shit out of just about anyone foolish enough to step outside.

The thing is, now I know why bears hide in their caves and generally roam the woods with a less than sunny disposition. But, you know, those bastards have a lot of fur, and me? Well, I've barely got a pair of socks.

Ah well... I'm just going to hold my breath until the howling wind dies, the gray clouds go away, and spring shows up.

Next week, perhaps...


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  1. Sheesh, it sounds like a living hell. Maybe we aint got it too bad in Blighty after all.
    Gaz ;-)