Saturday, March 29, 2008

[The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind] Nature Really Does Always Win...

A short time ago, I saw a show --I believe it was on the History Channel-- about what the world would be like once humans were gone, and I was amazed at just the small number of years it would take for our cities to turn into a mostly unrecognizable mass once mankind is gone and subsequently unable to provide the maintenance necessary to keep the big, wide, wild from regaining what we've borrowed.


I like this picture. These are the things which most catch my eye.

Now, this is a shot of the fence around the tennis court in the park near my house. As you can see, the branch that was growing has been cut off, and the tree is gone as well. The thing is, I've walked by this place many times over the years, and I remember the tree that grew into this fence. And, this is just a small chunk of my lifetime which I'm talking about here. In fact, it may be less than ten years that it took for this branch to work its way through the fence.

Of course, none of this is enough to make me want to mow the lawn, but it's interesting nonetheless. After all, once we're gone and the earth has shaken us from its rocky hide, in a ridiculously short time, there's really not going to be all that much to show that we were in fact here thriving like the busy little creatures we were.


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  1. I always remember the scene in Logans run when they find the library that no ones been in for years. It sounds like what you described on the History channel.

  2. ... the movie and the TV show ... I saw both ... ooh, off message, off message ... yes, the sun will come up, and after the nuclear holocaust, life will go one ...

    ... whether we're here or not ...

  3. Part of our property consists of an abandoned railroad bed. The rails have been removed, but the bed and cinders remain. It provides a fairly clear path to the back of our property, but we're always amazed at how things ENCROACH on the path. Trees fall, brambles grow larger and wilder, and it gets harder and harder to navigate with each passing year. Ken has to take a machete along to hack a way through at some points.

    Once we get out into the woods, one of our favorite things is to go to the spot where our neighbors tell us a log cabin once stood. There is an old iron bed frame there, and a tree is growing up through it. It's probably a foot in diameter now, and I think that at some point, it will merge with the bed frame.

    Seeing the wild growth here in our woods, I don't scoff at the notion of vegetation taking over EVERYTHING. And we don't even have kudzu up here...yet. Have you ever seen kudzu??

    I'm in awe of a very verdant Mother Nature. Oh, and get this: my Dad tells me that growing up on a farm, surrounded by cornfields, on hot, still summer nights, he could hear the corn growing. I believe him.


  4. Kudzu is a pretty special beast, but fortunately it's far too cold up here for it to take root.  

    I'm trying to think if we have anything even close to the pestilent level of kudzu around here, but I've got nothing.  There's some odd lawn weeds and whatnots (like creeping Charlie), but that's nothing.  

    I've got ivy on the house, and if I leave that alone for a while, it's pretty fast moving and it can get up under the eaves and into the attic.  And, I've got a trumpet vine that has actually grown UNDER the garage and into the neighbor's lot.  

    Still...  Kudzu is evil stuff.  When I was down in Georgia (I believe it was Georgia), I just remember seeing it everywhere.  


  5. Ha...does make sone think...what could we do to have someone see something of us daily...but would they notice anyone also! HA!

  6. Behind our house was an overgrown patch .My hubby and SIL cleared it.I planted hundreds of flowers and shrubs.Kept it mulched and it grew to be a beautiful spot.Then one year I was too ill to take care of it-it got overgrown with wild roses ,brush and bramble.Everytime I look out my kitchen window I wince knowing that I did that to such a pretty place. I really need to take the bull by the horns and clear it again,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,