Tuesday, March 25, 2008

[The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind] Let's Try This...

I'm still tinkering with posting pictures. And, it's not that Blogger is fussy or anything; it's just that there are a heap of options, and I like exploiting them.

Mmm...  Kringle.

So, enjoy this picture of turn number 4 of a yummy pecan kringle (the race-track of the pastry world). I didn't realize it until I saw one of these actually being made, but do you have any idea just how much butter they pack into one of these things?

It's madness. It's sweet, delicious, buttery madness...

I think every kringle uses at least a pound and a half of butter, and that's just for the crust.

Anyway, you really shouldn't notice anything different with the pictures unless you click through and wind up on my Flickr page (which, isn't all that great of a place to be, but there could be worse).

Of course, now I'm hungry... Sorry about that, people.


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  1. And people wonder why there's an obesity problem in America?
    Gaz ;-)