Friday, March 28, 2008

[The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind] It'll Have to Do...

Here's your Daily Picture.


It's not my best. But, I like how the clouds are set up with the blurry cardinal and the peak of my neighbor's crappy roof (He's not a big fan of home maintenance or paint, as you can tell. In fact, if you see pictures from my back yard, sometimes you can catch a glimpse of his garage, and it desperately needs to be painted).

Aside from that, this will have to do as a daily picture. I went out today to take a bunch, but most of them turned out to be kind of shabby. I also took a trip to the lake shore, and I damn near died of exposure it was so damn cold. The wind was charging off the water at a sustained speed of about 40 miles per hour, and though it's about 34 degrees outside, down there it was well below zero with the wind chill.

Seriously, I came home about an hour ago, and my pinky fingers and ear lobes are still burning with the early stages of frostbite. It really is cooler near the lake, people. That's nice in August, but when there's snow on the ground? Not so much.

Anyway, I hope you like the picture in spite of it being a bit of a disaster.


Posted By Dan to The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind at 3/28/2008 12:17:00 PM


  1. Dan, I love that picture. How come you get to see a Cardinal and I haven't seen one yet in the Philly area. Look at that nice blue sky you have and all I have is another overcast sky. Some guys have all the luck, Bill

  2. I was hiking for about 2.5 hours today, and really glad it wasn't as windy as 40 mph and an air temperature of 34F.  I thought it was chilly and windy here, but, I'll take it!

    (I'd think that bird wouldn't wish to stay on top of a roof in that wind,.)

  3. I think it is beautiful