Monday, July 31, 2006

Mahalo, baby!


    A short time ago, a friend of mine stopped over to drop off a pineapple for me.  And, this isn't just ANY pineapple, mind you. This is a pineapple she dragged home after a two-month vacation in Hawaii, and right now it's hanging out in the kitchen making the whole house smell pretty damn nice. 

    Normally, much of the pineapple we get here in the Midwest comes from somewhere in South America that they grow when coffee and cocaine are out of season.  And, unfortunately, it tastes nothing like the fruit from Hawaii.  I think the Hawaiian variety has about three-billion times the sugar.  It's freakishly yummy, and a completely different beast from its South American cousin.

    Now, the only thing I need is some Kona coffee, a tuna to grill, a hammock, and a nice, cool, breezy trade-wind blowing. 

    Who am I kidding?  Ditch the coffee and make me a bucket of mai tais.  Now I've just got to see if I can remember how to dismantle the damn thing. 



  1. I didn't know you were allowed to fly fruit back with you on an airline . . . hmmm? That must just have been my mommas excuse for not bringing me an authentic coconut bra from Hawaii when she went last year.

    Moms, they want to go bra shopping when you're awkward and 11 but heaven forbid we ask them to go bra shopping for us when we're was 20. Sheeesh, slackers.

    Anywho, I will send my cabana boy your way (i'll make him where a grass skirt for atmosphere) and you can enjoy that pineapple.


    Amanda :)

  2. This is what you do with those SA pineapples: Cut them up and soak them in rum with a bunch of marachino cherries thrown in. When all are good and drunk, toast some coconut and sprinkle it on. Serve the fruit to your family and drink the fruity rum yourself. No, I think you are supposed to light it on fire and then eat the fruit, but that's a waste of rum. Oh really, just skip the pineapple altogether and buy more rum.

    What else goes good with fresh pineapple? Bacon.

  3. Mmmm....  Rum.  I like rum like my ex-girlfriend likes chocolate.  


  4. Hi - fresh pineapple and a rather large dollop of Cornish Clotted Cream, oh yummy ! -Jayne

  5. Fresh Pineapple from Hawaii!  Nothing like it!  So yummy!



  6. that looks yummy. I'll be right there. I know how to cut it.

  7. abeautifulmess62July 31, 2006 at 7:50 PM

    A sledgehammer would work.
    ~Terry Ü

  8. Have you ever seen a pineapple corer? A fantastic little invention.  You come out with perfect pineapple and you and use the body of the pineapple to serve your rum soaked fruit and cherries in.  Do y'all have Cheddars restaurants up there?  On my birthday I had a drink there called Cheddars painkiller.  They limit you to 2 to a customer!  I know why.  It was a wonderfully fruity (pineapple, coconut, etc)concoction served in a pretty large glass.  Rimmed with honey dipped in toasted coconut. GOD it was tasty.  Seeing how I was out to dinner with my children and small grandchildren I thought it best to keep it to one.  But I sure wanted at least one more of those babys.  WOW.  Enjoy that pineapple.  I bet it IS top notch.
    I believe that God put on  Earth to accomplish a certain number of things.  Right now I am so far behind, I will never die.  

  9. The last time I went to Hawaii - I made my hubby take me to the Dole plantation.  We rode a choo-choo train, looked at cardboard cutouts of "workers" - and I learned a very valuable lesson- PINEAPPLES DON'T GROW IN TREES - THEY GROW IN LITTLE BUSHES!  I was amazed!  I then ate a frozen pinapple soft-serve along with some fresh pinapple chunks.  It was great.  I couldn't feel my tongue.  But it was great.

  10. 2 months in Hawaii? Who is her sugar daddy? Does he have a brother? HA! She is there 2 months & walks in the door with 1 pineapple? A friend of mine better have a whole truckload before I talked to her I'm just kidding I'd be happy for her & stow away in her luggage! HA!

    Ok, I want one of those drinks mentioned in the comments because I LOVE Pina Coladas! Oh man do I relate on the pineapples we get here in the midwest! Ugh! I mean they are ok but in comparison. Heck, that is why I'm eating cantalope right now! HA! Oh wait this is some kind of Rocky Honey Melon? It is ok.

  11. cool dude! yum!

  12. Hi !!!!!!! Yes I'm backkk !!!!!!!!! Tell your friend to send some of those pineapples to Georgia for me I would love a pineapple from Hawaii. I'm sure it will be sweet once you open it up. I would love some after a long time away. Byyyyyyye.

  13. Cheap pineapple continues to be more than enough justification for the US annexation of the Hawaiian islands.