Friday, July 21, 2006

What the....?

Hi there!  I'm an idiot.    "Hi.  My name's George.  I'm a moron.  Please help me?"

    You know it's a tough week in Dubya's World when the least embarrasing thing you've done is utter a profanity for everyone to hear.  I mean, between sitting there prattling away like a two-year old with food falling out of his mouth, and the bizarre groping backrub of the German Chancelor, about all George Bush needs to do now in order land the trifecta of perfect political stupidity is to go and disconnect Ariel Sharon's feeding tube in an attempt to score a free lunch.   

    I know.  I'm a hypocrite.  I was one of those people who complained about this idiot taking too many vacations when there's lots of work to be done.  I was wrong, America.  I'm not afraid to admit that.  I would much rather have him playing in the mud in Crawford than spanning the globe making a complete fool of himself. 

    Please.  The G-8 Summit is not a Yale University kegger.  Bush doesn't need the protection of the Secret Service.  He needs supervision.  Surround him with single mothers.  After all, I think single mothers are the only people on the planet qualified to put up with his boorish antics without smacking him silly.  "No no, George.  Be a good boy, sit up straight and don't talk with your mouth full.  Now, go apologize to the nice lady, or I'm sending you to your time-out chair." 



  1. Um.  I'm a single mom with three kids and I'd smack the living sh*t out of this idiot.  He just keeps getting worse and worse, doesn't he?  He's a degenerative disease...



    I'm for sending W to Emily's house.

  3. You are too much!  I'm so with ya, though...


  4. AH, Dan, I'm also a single mom, and I agree with Emily.  Oh, we do get used to how to deal with immature people (sometimes they're the "other parent" sometimes the child(ren)), but it doesn't mean we wouldn't have run out of patience by now with "Dubya" the Shrub.   :)

    -- Robin

  5. bush, so proud to have him as the president. NOT.

  6. It is scary isn't it.... I like him in Texas too... actually he and your neighbor above have a lot in common, don't they??

    I think it will just be a matter of time for this moron too...

    be well,

  7. Sharon was a bully and not as popular in Israel as one might think.  I hope they get that mess over there cleaned up soon.  

    Wisconsin - 1 of my dream vacation destinations!  Who wouldn't want to visit a place with all that cheese and Michael Feldman's "What Do Ya Know?" show?