Friday, July 28, 2006

Just Don't Kill Me...

    Pretty huh? 

    That's a picture of my ex-girlfriend and her delightful daughter.  I think I posted this a while ago, but I'm currently too lazy to look.

    Anyway, beneath that façade of the wonderful, loving mother lurks a blood-thirsty, homicidal maniac.  

    Case in point:  Earlier today, I sent a harmless, friendly email to her to inquire about her day of office drudgery, and to perhaps see if she could, quite possibly, extrapolate on a business venture she touched upon in an earlier email.  I wasn't expecting the following response:  

    "Good thing I'm not sitting next to you, I'd have to smack you!"    

     Yes.  I'm beginning to think the reason she and I didn't work out is because my idea of a romantic evening does not include me curling up into a ball on the floor with my hands covering my head while she repeatedly kicks me in the kidneys. 



  1. What? You don't like being kicked in the kidneys?

    Good luck finding a girl who wont want to jam you in the side with a stilletto at some point in time.



    Amanda :)

  2. P.S. -> If she happens to stumble across your journal I am sure she is just going to fall in love with you all over again for calling her a "blood-thirsty, homicidal maniac" - - - ah yes Dan, the least of your worries is getting a kick in the kidney.

    Just looking out for you,

    Amanda :)

  3. Hey! don't knock it till you've tried it! B.

  4. My first question has to be why she turned into a homicidal maniac? Was this a gradual thing that came up as your relationship progressed, or was the tendency there all along?

    My second question is this:

    If you know she is a homicidal maniac, then why are you bothering to discuss a business venture of any sort with her? If she's not a good relationship partner, then why would you want to be involved with a business venture with her?

    It's not my business, I know. Still, I think it is sort of weird that you would e-mail a woman who makes you fear for your mortality. Perhaps you have a thing for being threatened?

    Anyway, I say steer clear of her. We sorta, kinda, like you and want you to continue to live in J-Land.


  5. lol...i think you secrety enjoy being kicked in the Julie

  6. So, just why are you not seeing her any more?  ;)
    Beautiful photo, btw.
    -- Robin  

  7. That really is scary. You're giving me flashbacks. I am sincerely sorry that you were abused. She is Evil. Devil Mommy.

  8. well her daughter is lovely. LOL. I think I would stay away from her.

  9. Honestly, she's a sweetheart.  She just doesn't censor her thoughts when it comes to me.  I like that.  But, in all honesty, she couldn't harm a fly.  


  10. She sounds perfectly normal and rational to me.  I'm sure she knew that you were due a smack for something or other.

  11. abeautifulmess62July 29, 2006 at 4:36 AM

    The question here is, what EXACTLY did you say to her. I think she was provoked. They look very sweet~!
    Terry Ü

  12. What the heck is wrong with a good smack between ex's?  I do it all the time!  It helps to keep the non relationship healthy! ;0