Monday, July 17, 2006

Scalzi's Photo Assignment.

Man...  That's creepy, huh?

    It's not often that I do one of these photo things for John Scalzi, but this week's seemed like a fun one.  He wanted us to take a picture and transform it into a negative by inverting the colors, so I managed to dig up a picture of my deaf, mostly blind cat that I took while snapping pictures of my Concrete Pig for a different assignment.  I tinkered with it, and, shortly after, I realized that my cat scares the living hell out of me.  She looks like a ghost-cat who's crawled back from the dead to eternally torment me for not changing her littlerbox after every single use. 

    However, in case you're curious, here's what she really looks like (but, I'm willing to assert that the negative-style picture captures her TRUE wicked-kitty essence):

Awww...  Cute.

    Her name is Acacia by the way.  And no.  I didn't name her. I think old ladies and gay men name their pets "Acacia," after all. 

    Nope.  I picked this lemon of a cat up at the Humane Society when I picked up my other odd beast, Harding

    Both of them were near death with kitty upper-respiratory infections, and, as Harding's release papers were being processed, I made the mistake of looking at some of the other cats in the kennel.  That's when I found Acacia.  I walked past her cage, she let out a high pitched "meep," and tapped my arm with her little mitten of a paw.  And, after they told me about the two-for-one deal at the Wisconsin Humane Society, her papers were processed, and before I knew it, I was carrying two cardboard boxes with sick cats inside home to nurse back to health. 

    Harding was an easy fix with antibiotics.   Acacia, on the other hand, required almost weekly trips to the vet, she developed an ear infection, she lost her hearing, her sense of balance and her vision, according to the vet "will be like she's looking through a fishtank."  Indeed, as was witness during the back yard air-show fiasco of this past weekend, on those odd occasions where a plane flew overhead, it's clear that she couldn't tell the difference between a canary and an F-16 (or whatever it is the Thunderbirds fly).  She was jumping in the air trying to swat our military aircraft out of the sky like a retarded, drunken terrorist.  Fortunately, she's declawed, otherwise I'd probably have to have her shipped off to Gitmo. 

    She's a good cat though, and she's got a pretty spoiled, happy cat life so long as there are planes in the sky and I keep plastic grocery bags on the floor for her to attack.   



  1. my mom's cat looks quite a bit like yours, althought they most likely are not related.  Ms. Foxy like plastic bags left on the floor and sometimes will bat around a milk-ring or two.  very cool, the retouched photo!  grins, debra

  2. Are you sure she didn't star in "Pet Cemetary?"  



  3. "....she let out a high pitched "meep," and tapped my arm with her little mitten of a paw...."   I just knew you were a closet softie!  

  4. I think our cats are related...  great pic transformation!  Michelle

  5. don't have to invert the colors to make them look evil to me.   Cats dislike me for the most part and the feeling is mutual. Phobia/wild carniverous farm cats.  Long story.  As I have mellowed over the years (and become able to move less quickly) I have found that I can actually be in a room with a cat. Maybe not ALONE in a room with one.  Haven't tried that.  LOL It's awfully sporting of you to rescue a couple of sick ones. I'm sure there is a special place for you in cat hell, I mean heaven. LOL I KID, I KID.  (Cats, the other white meat).

  6. Inverted cats, dog-cats and concrete pigs? What an interesting life you must lead. All I have for a pet is a stuffed toucan - and he seems to have gone awol just recently. B.

  7. Thanks to John Scalzi, I just discovered you; I think I'll put you on alert.  You seem interesting.

  8. aw too cute to pass. Great assignment and a good story to puss.


  9. Lovely soft look to this one.

  10. good assignment from John.. i did one too.

    what is it with cats and bags?  if a shopping bag is on the kitchen floor booboo kitty with run and dive into it and slide 1/2 way across the kitchen floor!

  11. Hey, DP, love the reverse photo:)   And the real one.   One of my cats has no eardrums, and is almost blind.   She has learned the wet gross way that she needs to be certain that the toilet lid is put down before she jumps.   Otherwise, she's way cool.   Life wouldn't be the same without them, and yes, she also prefers her litterbox cleaned constantly.   :)  -- Robin

  12. You're a good kitty nurse. I used to have a puny German Shepherd who I was told had distemper as a pup. Every time he went running through the woods, he'd end up knocking himself silly by hitting a tree. Once I smelled something burning and, yep, it was Kato leaning against the woodstove. He was on fire but did he feel it? Nope.

  13. The negative makes me want to think about the nine lives. Glad they are aok!

  14. thanks for sharing, that's neat.

  15. At least ya know what your cat will look like when it's dead and haunting you.

  16. I love that you picked your kitty up at the Humane Society . . . next you need to travel over to some random country and get another, then you can be raising a multi-cultural family like Angelina Jolie!

    My cat is stupid, that is her only condition, stupid. I should have know, I found her wondering like an underaged drunk in a northbound lane of traffic walking southbound during a thunderstorm.

    Amanda :)