Sunday, July 30, 2006


    Awesome.  It seems the booger eating wackos people at AOL finally managed to figure out a way to let us play with incorporate the oft-needed strikethrough html in our journals.  

    Now I get to say things like "Britney Spears is knocked-up pregnant again."

   Yes.  It's the little things which make me happy.  

    Anyway, I've gotten some questions, so here's an explanation:

    It's actually very easy adding the strikethrough, though I don't know how much anyone would really use it.  But, it's mostly used in blogs these days for comedic purposes (kind of like above, but usually funnier).  Still, if you'd like to ever use it, all you have to do is switch from text to html when you're making an entry and type:  <strike>something</strike> then switch back to text and continue writing as normal.  And, voila!  You've just crossed something out. 




  1. Hey Dan.. :)

    Well, thanks for the info.  I always wondered how people did that! :)


  2. abeautifulmess62July 30, 2006 at 1:04 PM

    I have a heck of a time trying to put links in my journal let alone trying to figure out how to strike through a phrase! Reading that last paragragh kinda hurt my head...but thats just me.
    ~Terry Ü

  3. Ooooooh. I'm gonna go STRIKE something right away. Thanks, honey!

  4. cool I use that when I am cussing out butthead.....


  5. your like, really hot.

  6. onecrabn3lilfishJuly 30, 2006 at 5:38 PM

    I definitely have to try that.  It will come in handy.  Not sure how but I'm sure it will.  LOL.


  7. thank you for helping us out with that.

  8. you think it will work on my Canadian AOL journal?

  9. I've been asking for the strikethrough tag to be enabled for almost two years now. How did you find out it was working?

  10. Paul,

       I don't know if it will work on Canadian journals.  You'll have to give it a whirl and find out.  I'm hoping AOL Canada and AOL UK got these things in the latest update along with spell-check.  

       Aside from that, they seem to have given up altogether on finding a nice, handy way of incorporating polls in our journals.  


  11. Here you go . . . trying to teach me "<align-left>" again . . . .

    I'm hopeless.

    Amanda :)

  12. Hi Dan -- thanks for the heads-up re: strike tag. I just did an entry about it.

    I'll ask the tech guys to see if this is an unintended consequence of another change, or just an easter egg they threw in.

    I tested it in a UK journal and it seems to work, so I'm hoping it works in all of the International Journals.

    I don't have an answer or any potential timing for embedded polls, I will blog about it if I get any updates. Thanks -- Joe

  13. I got it to work! Holy bah-jeezus - I got it to work!  And here I thought I was HTML handicapped!   Whoo-hoos!
    --Holly ((

  14. Yes, I tested, and the strikethrough does work in my Canadian journals. It's of little more than comedic value, but it can be very handy for implying sarcasm or irony.

  15. Well aren't you just a font of information. Yeehaw strke through!!!
    Thanks for sharing.
    I believe that God put on  Earth to accomplish a certain number of things.  Right now I am so far behind, I will never die.