Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Am I Wrong To Expect More?

Typical...  Going the wrong way.    What the hell is this all about?  You know how cool it is to have a hurricane pop up with your name?  It's kind of neat, ya know?  

   On the other hand, with that in mind, do you know how depressing it is to sit and watch your namesake just sort of do its own thing and head out to sea to go bother some insignificant fish?  There's nothing out there.  Nada!  Gilligan isn't even in that latitude for pete's sake.  

    Hey look up there!  There's Cabo!  Sammy Hagar's in Cabo, Daniel!  Let's go party?  

    Nope. This whole storm seems to be a metaphor for my entire life.  It's just going off into nowhere at the blistering speed of 8 mph.  It looks freakin' bored.  It's just heading due west into the Pacific in the hopes of finding a tiki bar to dismantle. 

     You're a pathetic excuse for a hurricane, Daniel.  You're even going the wrong damn way, you slow-moving piece of weather-trash.  Oooo...  One-Hundred mile-per-hour winds, huh?  Yeah, those fish out there are probably crapping themselves silly to see you coming.  Are there even fish out there that far?  Just stay out there you weak bastard, and don't come back until you're capable of breaking something.  What an embarrassment... 



  1. You know Dan, Daniel looks like a poor little lost sperm who's dying to slam an egg, but doesn't know he missed a turn and landed on the bedsheet.

  2. They do have a habit of taking on the persona of their namesakes don't they? Believe me, I know, I'm married to a girl called Rita! B.



  4. It just means that the name will be recycled:)   Seriously.   Some other year, Dan or Daniel will return on another list of names, just not next year b/c IIRC, that'll be a female "D" name next year (alternating each year).   SO, perhaps you just haven't reached your peak yet?!   Check out or and go to the area about naming hurricanes / tsunami's.   Hey, at least Hurricane Daniel wasn't a tropical storm, but qualified as a hurricane, right?!  :)  -- Robin

  5.   I don't see why they ever started naming hurricanes after men. I mean, there was a reason why they traditionally used women's names. Truth in advertising, and all that, right? I'll tell you, I don't ever want to be in the path of hurricane Teresa.

  6. lol!!!! :):)
    thanks Dan!
    Too funny!

  7. Awwwww, it's so cuuuute.

  8. heheheh...

  9. I'm amazed that there's never been a Hurricane Stacey.

    Don't worry too much... the Today Show once did a bit where they went and found some old Brazilian guy living near Sacramento. His name? "Al Nino."

    "I disconnected my phone after Hurricane Mitch.... too much misdirected anger."

  10. Oh I laughed and laughed at this... I remember when 'Dawn' blew thru many years ago and I was sickly and sadly disappointed it didn't destroy anything either!!  That should be a good thing... what is wrong with us??? LOL

    be well,

  11. Yeah.... Poor Daniel.....  The only thing he seems capable of doing is breaking a little wind...  


  12. Hurricane Daniel must be drunk . . . going back out to sea rather than towards land, he is just a regular ole rum drinkin' pirate who is probably getting sick off cheese that got all hot and sha-nasty in the cargo bay.

    Amanda :)