Monday, July 31, 2006

Slow day...

    Man...  It must be the summer doldrums or whatnots, but it certainly is a slow news day.  Even Editor Joe has been reduced to writing about circus peanuts in order to, you know, stay current and stuff. 
    I'll blame the heat.  It makes people do funny things.  Kind of like this guy:  AOL News - Man Accused of Biting Off Pet Rooster's Head
    Yes, I can think of no other way to teach your unruly rooster a lesson than by chomping off its head because he was hassling your pet pigeons.  I wonder how the pigeons feel about capital punishment. 
    And then there's this guy whose story I nicked from Editor Jeff's journal:  ARTICLE: Police arrest naked man after he flails car with a stolen pigeon.
    I'm thinking those two should share a cell together.  They could have tons to talk about. 
    Finally, to prove that not all heat-stroked minds are bent on destroying the poultry population, and that there is actually some good to come of this blistering, brain-baking heatwave, here's a story about an Evangelical pastor who's in a heap of trouble for actually trying to teach what Jesus taught: AOL News - Disowning Conservative Politics Is Costly for PastorI'm thinking we need to get a betting pool going on how long it's going to take Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson to issue an Evangelical fatwa. 
     Anyway, I hope you're all staying cool in this heat.  Did everyone have a wild weekend? 


  1. It is fairly cool in the mountains today. No poultry abuse happening here but, as always, the sheep are wary.

  2. Thank God the weather has cooled off down here in Sunny Southern California!  It's actually bearable!

    Wishing the same for you!


  3. Today the chicken had to be shaved...again. Damn Chickens and their back talking!
    Criminy it's hot. I'm heading back to the baby pool... all of the neighborhood children have caught on fire and/or exploded.

  4. no wild weekend here in IL. Had a quite one. I'll be up in Milwaukee on the 9th for the Cubs game with family. Should be fun. Go Cubbies.
    We get to see the 5th sausage run. LOL.

  5. Is that your Underwood, or did you snag a picture off teh Internets?

  6. lol.. i'm laughing because plittle beat me to asking if that is your Underwood!! haha..

    had the nicest weekend i've had in years.. thanks for asking lol!
    I hope you rid yourself of the doldrums!

  7. That preacher one was great! I totally agree! Thanks!

  8. Here's some pretty big news my friend sent me from Billings:  Cornholing Doubles Championships were held on the 29th!  Really!  You think I'm kidding...check it out: