Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Lazy Day...

     Yes.  It's indeed the dog days of summer, and I'm in a house of weird, longhaired cats.   The white one pictured on the left is curled up and sleeping in front of the central air-conditioning register, and where's the big, dopey, furry, black cat?  Well... He's outside in the blistering sun with his face buried in the recently cleaned and filled bird baths.  Perhaps later I'll see if I can fry an egg on the dumb animal's forehead. 

    Anyway, it's a totally lazy, hot day, and I'm looking for things to scribble about.  I noticed Ninja John Scalzi did an entry earlier about eating Fruit Loops with chopsticks.  Yes.  It's a little odd for us folks who have been spoiled with the handy silverware of the Western World.  But, it got me thinking about what other foods should be eaten with chopsticks.  For example, I could go for a little Swedish Fish sashimi.  Mac and cheese?  You bet.  Wedding cake? Oh yeah...  Pudding?  Hmm... 

    In fact, aside from pudding and soup, I really can't think of anything you can't eat with chopsticks.  Can you? 

    Yes.  It's still a struggle of a day creatively, and I can't even start an international incident by plagiarizing my Canadian pal Paul because he's suspiciously silent as well.  However, he is currently looking for a ribbon for his battered old Underwood typewriter.  So, if anyone knows a good typewriter shop...  I've just got an old Smith Corona with a great many dents and an odd habit of jamming itself into a tangled mass of little lettered hammers.  But, it's got good door-stopping power on a windy day. 

     Well, I'm off to investigate the efficacy of my overheated, pan-headed feline.  I'm telling ya, just the thought of cracking an egg on his forehead while he looks up at me has a way of giving me the wicked giggles of a man overcome with the total madness of a blinding heat stroke.  Of course, he's got claws --big, sharp claws-- and absolutely no reservations against disemboweling the man with the magic thumbs who opens the cat-food cans should he ever get out of line and do something stupid.  Yes.  I live in constant fear. 



  1. HAAA! Better make sure his aim is not lowere! HA! That is too funny of a picture. When I was working on my PhD (nope only did a yr!) we had the opposite! An ice storm & it was horribly cold there. They do not build structurally for cold. I got up to answer the phone & Dusty jumped on my heating pad that I was using! Ugh! You should have seen the look he gave me when I suggested he release his 9/10 possession of it. Yes, Dusty has sharp claws also!

    What is the cat doing outside? Now the birdies won't get any water. Get him inside & he can put his head in his water bowl! HA! Then the birdies can play in the birdbath too...hey...where are those birdies? Is his tummy full? HA! Get the Sprinkler going & all the cats in the neighborhood & run through it! HA!

  2. Mwahaha - that picture is soo adorable. Ha! Ever considered shaving your fuzzy little critters in hopes of relieving them from the heat. . . I have . . . but everytime I get near Miss Thang with electrical hair clippers she freaks the F out and runs to some tiny nook. Damn agile creatures. :-D

    . . . Icecream . . . yogart . . . J-E-L-L-O, it's possible but it would be quite the hoot to watch. I think tonight rather than shoving my face with marshmellows, I might go all jello with chopsticks just for you.


    Amanda :)

  3. A Corolla! :):) stands to attention
    coolbeans! Get out! you and Paul what?:0:)
    You kitties are cool dont fry food on them!

  4. Spaghettio's.  I have nothing more to say.

  5. The Boy was a student of an obscure Japanese martial art for a couple years (nope, they don't have it here in Utah) and we still eat with chopsticks on a regular basis. I am hoping he gets back into it when we move back East next year.

    Yeh, jello is a tricky one.

  6. What about wooden popcicle sticks? My grandaughter just handed me a couple of popcicle sticks and told me that we were eating our meatloaf tonight with popcicle sticks. I'll let ya know how it goes.

    Your cat is sooo cute!  Makes ya just wanna rub her tummy!

    ~Terry Ü

  7. oh my that cat looks dead. LOL. At least he's cool.

  8. I cannot eat ANYTHING with chopsticks. I chopstickally challenged. I've tried and tried.  I think it's mental.  In fact I'm pretty sure it is.  I can't believe it's hotter northeast of TX than anywhere else. Unbleevable.  I ventured out in the back yard to watch everyone swimming. I didn't have the energy to get a suit on and join in what looked like a lot of fun.  Hope you got the fried egg out of the black cat's hair after you tried to fry it on him.  THAT I would like to see pics of.

  9. OMG, I hope your cat is okay!!!  Stupid animal!  Mine are inside only and are laying in the sun thru the window... thanks to central a/c.

    be well,

  10. There was an article in the local paper about a woman in New Hampster who made chocolate chip cookies on the dashboard of her SUV. It needs to be 95 degrees out, and the temp in the car has to be around 200 F.