Wednesday, July 19, 2006

This Should Go Well...

    AOL News - Bush to Address NAACP Meeting for First Time

    Religious leader, biologist extraordinaire, and all-around poor-mannered, boorish political numbskull, George Bush, will finally speak at the yearly NAACP convention on Thursday, and according to the White House spokes-parrot, Tony Snow, this is an attempt to mend a few fences:

"He has an important role to play, not only in making the case for civil rights, but maybe more importantly, the case for unity," Snow said.

    Civil Rights?  Unity?  What are these strange words I'm reading?  

    Personally, I can hardly read the above quote without giggling myself silly at the hypocrisy and desperation of it all.  Finally, the "Great Uniter" crawls out from beneath his moss covered rock!  

    Does anyone really take this guy seriously anymore? 


  1. Hell no, take him seriously, when did we ever. If they have an open mic, we'll probably hear him say he appointed Condi because she was bootiicious.

  2. I honestly do not take him seriously any longer.  He should have been out of office after his first term.  The country has been in a downward spiral due to his actions and reactions to those around him.  I am a Republican, but even that is in question now..........

    Michal Elaine

  3. They only invited him because they thought he'd turn them down again. Now, they're going "Oh, shiiiit." Should be humerous, though, to hear what the Kill the Constitution President has to say about civil rights.

  4. It's too bad anyone EVER ever took him seriously. Gotta admit I'm puzzled about why the NAACP invited him.

  5. Every time I see his face, I can't help but visualize a cartoon image of an abnoxious, special needs scavenging bird with a voice-over done by Archie Bunker.  (I mean no disrespect to Archie Bunker or our feathered friends.)  So, to answer your question, NO, I don't take him seriously.

  6. that guy makes me sick.

  7. I kept waiting for him to say "n*gger" by accident, or use a bad pun... "Let's call a spade a spade on this one."