Monday, June 26, 2006

English Eye Candy...

    A conversation last night went a little like this:
Her:         "What are you watching?"
Me:          "I recorded the England-Ecuador match."
Her:         "But you already watched it earlier today."
Me:          "I know."
Her:         "So, why are you watching it again?"
Me:          "I..."
Her:         "Are you watching Beckham's goal?"
Me:          "Sort of..."
Her:         "Dan?"
Me:          "Yes?"
Her:         "How many times are you going to watch his wife jump up and down?"
Me:          "I'm supposed to order a pizza, aren't I?"
Her:         "Yes."
    What can I say?  So what if I am easily distracted by small, shiny objects like Victoria Beckham? 


  1. How could you see her?  She is no bigger than a minute!  Turn her sideways and she becomes a bobble head doll with sunglasses on!  

    Okay  okay.... I'm shutting it now! :P


  2. Jackie?  They say the camera adds ten pounds.  


  3. I suppose that is better than being distracted by large greasy objects. :-D

    Amanda :)

  4. Beckham scored? Is that what happened? I've seen the sports highlights about four times today, and they keep showing that replay. But as far as I could tell, they never showed what she was cheering about. Gotta love ESPN.

  5. The goal wasn't bad either. You know, the goal? B.

  6. Does this mean that Janet Jackson's Wardrobe Malfunction is no longer the most-Tivo'ed moment in "sports"?

  7. What was the attraction to watching her jump up and down....IF as Jackie said, she's no bigger than a minute??