Wednesday, June 21, 2006



    We are so getting spanked around by some pretty nifty thunderstorms.  In fact, on the Wrath of God Scale, I'll give this one about a 5.  Toss in some locusts before lunchtime, and maybe it might jump up to a 6.  Right now, though, aside from some pretty hefty 70 mph wind gusts and being pelted with some small hail as I stepped outside to swipe my neighbor's morning paper (mine blew away --FAR away), these storms seem to be much more show than go. 

    The good news is that I will probably get to play with Mr. Chainsaw and go all zombie-killing Ninja maniac on the downed limbs and branches in the yards of my poor family members.  After all, I seem to be the only member of this gene-pool who owns a chainsaw (which is probably a good thing). 

     Anyway, the power's out and my laptop's battery is slowly dwindling.  So, I should probably wrap this up before I blink out of existence. 


*UPDATE*  --Well, my power's back on, so that's a nice thing.  However, after taking a drive through the park down to the beach here, I am going to downgrade this storm on the WoG scale and give it a meager 3, at most.  But, we're supposed to get more this afternoon, so it might jump up.  I'd like to see a 9 (like Sodom and Gomorra), but we'll probably just wind up with a 4 (raining toads or something harmless like that). 


  1. Wonder what Dan will do while he has no electricity?
    A. Eat all his food before it goes bad?
    B. Go back to bed?
    C. Take pictures of the storm?
    D. Get loaded?
    Be safe, Dano

  2. Forget that little buzzer that goes off around 6:25 am in my bed room, how about waking up to some lightening hitting right outside of your house and hearing the entire thing rumble around you at 5 am . . . geesh. Tell me about it, Southern Ohio got it's ass kicking first thing this morning, I can't imagine what you guys in the center of it all are getting, I know I was scared for my life. Actually just scared for my hair cus I had to run out to my car in the down pour and it was looking sassy today. Forget the thought of being stuck by a bolt of lightening just make sure the hair is okay. Plus I had white pants on, and well . . . . . .

    Be careful with that there chainsaw --- I can't imagine who would sell you one of those. :-D Just please don't play with it inside while the lights are out, we wouldn't want you getting hurt.

    Amanda :)

  3. They let you have a chainsaw!!! B.

  4. Being a former logger, the sound of a chainsaw still gets me Hot. Bring on the mosquitoes, the black flies, the sawdust in my teeth...huffing spray-paint and lubing up with bar chain oil. Passing out from dehydration...

    Reporter: Are they slow-moving, chief?
    Sheriff McClelland: Yeah, they're dead. They're all messed up.
    (Night of the Living Dead)

  5. "Just look at the face: it's vacant, with a hint of sadness. Like a drunk who's lost a bet. " -Dianne describing the zombies in "Shaun of the Dead"


  6. "You're goin' down. Chainsaw."
    --Evil Dead II

    I gotta stop...going to go get a haircut. And I'll pay her extra if she'll cut off my whole head.


  7. "Lady, I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to leave the store."
    -Army of Darkness

  8. Hi ! Its been quite a steamy time here in Atlanta, Georgia so you could send some of those thunderstorms to my neck of the woods. We could use the rain and I wouldn't mind getting some of that. Send me some of that weather will you. I'll be back for another visit soon to your journal. Byyyyyye for now.

  9. yeah...sorry about that...god wanted me to let you know that you pissed her off pretty bad the other day...something about mocking vegetarians and/or kids who work crappy jobs for minimum wage to help support their families of 10 living in one bedroom apartments...anyway...i got busy at work and forgot to warn you.  my bad!


  10. Ummm... I actually pissed you off --not God.  If I remember correctly, I think the Bible is quite clear on people who pass judgment for God.  :)  But, that's your book, not mine.  


  11. yeah, you got me...i'm a horrible christian, and i used my evil powers to storm your beloved homeland with my wrathful judgment...then i pretended it was god who did it all along.

  12. Did you start building your ark?

  13. well have fun with the chainsaw, lol Happy you have power again.

  14. I didn't figure it out until a December blizzard that actually sent a waterspout at Cape Cod, but my wind speed thingy doesn't work if the power is out... which is usually when the winds are highest.

    My husband thinks he can wire it so that it can run off a battery backup, but I don't want him trying until I'm a bit more mobile... Basically, I want to be able to get pictures if he should get a fat electric shock somehow.