Thursday, June 22, 2006

A Penny Saved....

    Sometimes I have to stop and just smack myself on the head when I am reading the news --especially celebrity news.   It's like watching people try to swim in a pool that has no water.  It's funny, but kind of pathetic. 
    In an attempt to somehow remain noteworthy and relevant, Mr. Britney Spears (aka: Kevin Federline) has taken up a "controversial" cause and joined the fight to save the penny.  Yes.  You read that right.  The penny --the one-cent coin that crowds our pockets and costs more to make than it's actually worth. 
    Oh.  Don't worry.  I see the parallels between the poor penny and "K-Fed."  Neither can support a family, and pennies have a way of winding up flat on the floors of bars, bus stations and strip clubs.  
    On the other hand, pennies are fun to collect for kids and those who are attracted to small, shiny objects.  For example, put Anna Nicole Smith in a room, and toss in a handful of pennies.  Once she's finished scrambling around collecting them all, toss in a handful of K-Feds, and I think you'd get the same response. 
    Then again, pennies ARE money, after all.  And, if Mr. Britney Spears wants to save pennies, who am I to argue?  Maybe his wife will buy him a big, pink piggy bank to help him save for his children's college funds (or at least buy a piece of gum for his wife to show her how much he appreciates the Mercedes she bought him). 


  1. I didn't click on your link to the story because I read it early this morning. I had no idea what I had read and thought I was perhaps just too stupid to understand. Thanks for restoring my self -confidence.

  2. Whoa!  I did a service to humanity?!?   My brain feels like total oatmeal today.  


  3. well he can't sing so why not save the penny. LOL.

  4. All lovely things will have an ending,
    All lovely things will fade and die;
    And youth, that's now so bravely spending,
    Will beg a penny by and by.
    --Conrad Aiken

    Mr. & Mrs. Spears just make me feel depressed.

  5. KFed better save his pennies... Britney can do better than him in a biker bar or a bus station.