Monday, June 26, 2006

Now This is Disturbing..

TV News- solo-anchor-gibson-feels-a-little-bit - AOL News

Solo Anchor Gibson Feels 'a Little Bit Naked'
By Peter Johnson
USA Today
(June 26) -- Charles Gibson says he could have easily lived out his professional days on ABC's Good Morning America, which he leaves Wednesday. "Absolutely," he said during an interview last week off the set of ABC's World News Tonight.
     Now, I don't know about you, but the words "Charles Gibson" and "naked" should never be used in the same sentence --much less a headline. 
     Other than that, I like Charles Gibson (not in the Biblical sense, mind you).  I think he'll be pretty good at World News TonightBut, I'm begging you.  Please don't ever let him talk about feeling naked.  I simply don't drink enough at this point in my life to achieve the necessary level of intoxication needed to make it through the night without waking up screaming in fear after such a statement. 


  1. funny I don't think I want to seem named but I do like him.

  2. That is almost worse than thinking about your grandparents naked . . . eeeek!


    Amanda :)

  3. Hmm........ Charles Gibson, naked......   hmmmmmmm......... naked.....Charles.....

    Oh God.......I'm blind, I'm blind!  My mind just went there..... I saw the other Charles..... the one who is married to a horse.....  yeah, that one!   Oh.. Lordy.. I need to wash my eyes out with soup now.  That was NOT a pretty sight!  <shiver>