Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Out of Context...

    Paul did an "Out of Context" quote earlier in his journal.  You should all go there because it will make you smarter than your neighbors.  Plus, it's the two-year Anniversary of his "Aurora Walking Vacation," so give the guy some serious love!

    Anyway, earlier today I sat down with the Dutch delight known as the Uitsmeider (I think that's how it's spelled).  It's a sandwich of ham, Gouda cheese and a fried egg (I know...  Dead man blogging).  And, as I was eating I watched a bit of the Wimbledon tourney, and heard the following:

    Announcer One:  "Blake really handled Wang in the first two sets."
    Announcer Two:  "True, but I think Wang really surprised him in the Third Set."
    Announcer One:   "Yes.  But, here in the Forth, Blake is beating Wang mecilessly."
    Announcer Two:   "You know, I expected a lot more out of Wang."


  1. Hmmm, tasty but it needs something...oh yeh, BACON!

  2. No comment.

    Amanda :)

  3. "Hmmm, tasty but it needs something..."

    The Wang?

  4. damn wang, lol hope you enjoyed your sandwich.

  5. wow i miss uitsmijders! yum!