Tuesday, January 22, 2008

[The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind] Racing... And Running...

Today's one of those days where everything starts off slow and painless; however, as the minutes and hours tick away, the tedious minutia of life starts to lift the lid and boil over the sides of the cauldron of steaming madness I've got simmering in this life of mine.

First off: I have a doctor's visit in a couple of hours, and though people are generally supposed to go into these things with a nice list of curious questions to ask, I've got nothing. In fact, the only question I've got is why the hell am I here, anyway?

So, since I'm busy and stuff, I'll leave it to you guys to come up with things I should ask my doctor.

Don't worry. He's a smart doctor, and a nice guy too. He enjoys reading mystery novels and fantasy novels. Granted, that doesn't make him medically smart per se, but at least it's nice to know that he actually can read --which is a bit of an improvement compared to a few of the other medical professionals I've had previously.

After that, it's boring, garden-variety running around; however, I may light my head on fire just to make things interesting. After all, I've noticed that when flames are shooting off the top of a person's head, they tend to attract a lot of attention. And, though I'm not usually an attention whore, I think this sort of thing could really go a long way in getting me to be a little more outgoing.

Anyway, I've got to get screaming out of here. Hope you have a wicked, wild day.


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  1. ... surprised that no one has made any comments ... but here goes ...

    ... that is a link to an article I think you would find interesting ... it talks of how Dubya gains clarity when he is speaking about doing harm to people ... I would extend this theory to social programs as well ...

    ...perhaps I will catch up on your journal ... tomorrow I have MY doctor's appointment ... we missed Monday because of the MLK holiday ... anyway, be well ..!

  2. It's a bit late me commenting now as youv'e been to the Doc..... I hope it went ok?