Monday, January 28, 2008

[The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind] And Surely His Heart May Boldly Swell...

Oh joy!

Tonight is that time of year again when our Caesar, G. Dubya Dumbass, fulfills his Constitutional obligation by delivering his final State of the Union address. After this, he can go play with his arts & crafts for all anyone cares.

I have to admit it's actually somewhat sad that the only part of the Constitution this idiot respects is the one that gives him the opportunity to take over the airwaves and blather on with his delusional, self-aggrandizing bullshit for an hour or so. The ego of this little moron is astounding.

I'm not planning to watch. I don't have the opiates, and when Dubya speaks, the only way the bastard makes any sense is when one's head is absolutely fogged. After all, if you're good and stoned, everything is comprehensible in a sort of thick goulash of mad ideas. Isn't that right, Rush?

Of course, I'm kind of curious how Dubya is going to go about selling his economic stimulus plan. Essentially, all he's doing is rewarding corporations by giving consumers money to spend on things like food, gas money and other living expenses. Seriously. I wouldn't be surprised to see gas prices jump to the rafters once those checks are signed and mailed. Every greedy asshole with something to sell is going to take advantage of Bush's stimulus package. And, about a week after those checks have been cashed, we'll be right back in the same damn boat. But, at least we'll have new TV's, tanks full of gas in our cars, or food on our tables.

But, that's me being paranoid. I have the foil hat and everything.

Unfortunately, I don't see Bush talking much about his disastrous war. He's desperate to find some foundation upon which to build a positive legacy. Today it's the economy. Before that, however, he tried to bring peace to the Middle East by selling everyone a boat load of bombs. That's not exactly a good idea, but at least we know who to blame when we pick a piece of shrapnel out of one of our soldiers, and it has "Made in America" printed on it.

Before that, it was "teh terrahismists" in Iraq who were, unfortunately, in Afghanistan and not Iraq.

And, before that, it was the quixotic goal of putting a man on Mars.


Personally, I think he should just stick to the attainable in his State of the Union addresses. I mean, really. I'd probably like the guy if he just came out and said "Mah fellow 'merahcans. I'm goin' t' start mah truck this year."

That's it. Nothing more challenging that that. Stay within your limits Dubya. Please! Your fellow Americans worry themselves sick whenever you do anything more complicated than making a snake out of Play-Doh.

Anyway, since this idiot's face will be plastered all over every TV network in prime time, I'm going to have a hard time finding something to watch.

Anyone got any ideas?

Is there a basketball game worth watching tonight? Perhaps two hours of the Home Shopping Network so I can figure out how to spend my economic stimulus?


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  1. Sigh.  I didn't know he was coming on, then thought, oh, 7:30, so our 8pm show should be good.  Not.  not even the 10pm show.  We rarely get a night when we can both sit down and watch television together, her homework done and everything, and we get HIM?!  We finally found someone showing Lindsay Lohan growing up, but even my DD got bored with that.  We dn't get cable.  Sigh, the radio was best, again.  I never watch these, actually.

    But, if I had known in advance?  I'd have figured out that some presidential candidates were in the District (perhaps near me), yesterday, and that'd have been interesting (being that few ever come near me).

  2. I'm surprise someone doesn't have a huge marque sign in their lawn counting down the days when he will be out of the white house! HA!