Wednesday, January 23, 2008

[The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind] A Brainless Day With Brainless Things.

Last night, I slept like a rock --a very awake and alert rock. Granted, that sort of thing is considerably odd for a rock, but if you're a human being trying to impersonate a sleeping rock, it's difficult to attain true rock status when one is tossing and turning and, worst of all, making noise. After all, rocks, as a rule, are generally pretty quiet and unassuming, and if you've ever been out for a walk and maybe stumbled upon a boulder saying things like "damn! Why can't I sleep? What freakin' time is it? Maybe I should just go play Tomb Raider until I pass out," I'd imagine you'd be pretty freaked out.

I'm a little off my noggin today, it seems. I blame it on lack of sleep, not nearly enough coffee in my system, and the fact that this frigid weather is starting to gnaw upon the tiny shreds of what sanity remains. When I dragged my carcass out of bed this morning, it was three degrees outside. Since then, it's lept up to a balmy seven degrees.

So far, today, the only plan is to write for a bit. Then, once I finish that, I'm thinking of heading out on a two-block death march of ice and suffering to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription of pain killers to keep the inevitable chomping ache of frostbite at bay.

Yes. My life seems to have turned into a freakin' Jack London novel. I'm the whiny guy who's about to freeze to death while the bears look on and drool.

Maybe I should get a dog. As it stands, I've got a cat who, up until today, actually acted like a dog. However, for the first time in ten years, he actually used the litter box rather than go outside to deposit a load somewhere on the neighbor's property.

That can't be a good sign.


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  1. The first time in 10 years?!  Wow, yeah, that's a sign.  Not a good one.

    I saw a quick shot of Milwaukee's weather on last night's news.  I thought of you, and that I'm glad I'm HERE instead.

    I'd tell you you need some pain killers and sleep, but you know that duh.

    Oh, and unless you get a dog who'll go outside on her own, they require walking.  Outside.  No matter the weather.  They ARE larger, so can provide more heat if need be inside, just, well, that outdoors a few times a day minimum, is a major consideration.

  2. Buy a dog and train it to go get your meds.


  3. Leaving rock aside  ....there are of course three kinds of rock according to geologists Igneous rocks aka crystalline solids  formed directly from cooling of magma. This is an exothermic process (it loses heat) and involves a phase change from the liquid to the solid state. The earth is made of igneous rock - at least at the surface  planet earth is exposed to the coldness of space. Igneous rocks are given names based upon two things: composition (what they are made of) and texture (how big the crystals are                                                          Sedimentary Rock ....yawn..................... and ....drum roll     Metamorphic Rocks

    The metamorphics get their name from "meta" (change) and "morph" (form). Any rock can become a metamorphic rock. All that is required is for the rock to be moved into an environment in which the minerals which make up the rock become unstable and out of equilibrium with the new environmental conditions.

  4. I hope you've had some decent sleep by now?