Tuesday, January 29, 2008

[The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind] Fwubby-Gorgle Wonk?

The brain! It's not working too well today.

Fortunately, the weather in Wisconsin is pretty nice. It's forty-five degrees and it rained last night. So, I think I may go crawl in the backyard to see if I can gnaw my way down to the frost line.

Mmmm... A planet-flavored ice-cream sandwich!

On the other hand, we're supposed to be suffering what the weather-folks are calling an "arctic blast," and sometime today the temperature is supposed to plummet to two-below. That sucks! I can already feel this nonsense washing down from the permafrost settling into my achy little joints.

So, be forewarned: If any of you write me an email today, there's a pretty good chance that whatever response you receive from me might be nothing more than chemically-enhanced meandering gibberish.

Now... I think I'll go read a book.


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  1. So how are you? Down south here we didn't get much snow but blowing is just incredible! This afternoon when it was raining we had a brother & sister cross lanes of traffic on the highway & get killed. So sad. It was 53 degrees here this afternoon...7 now! Wind is down to 24mph now.