Sunday, June 22, 2008

[The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind] You Decide!

I have a question for all you aesthetically-minded folks out there. I'm a plebeian. A simple-minded brute if you will. In fact, my eye for art and beauty rarely runs any further than the center pages of Playboy magazine.

Therefore, since I am clearly unable to appreciate anything on its artistic merits, I figured I'd allow you all to tell me whether or not this image has any artistic worth whatsoever:


I like this picture. It's simple. It's blurry. It's got some neat flare in terms of light and dark, and though it doesn't have a smokin' hot woman standing in her underwear, I think, all things considered, it's got its merits.

So, what do you think?

Art or Not Art?


Posted By Dan to The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind at 6/22/2008 02:30:00 PM


  1. if you, being the photographer, say it is art - then it is art!! Personally, I want a huge print of the previous peony to hang on my wall!  I think that is the best one yet!

  2. Uhhh, try as I did, I just could not come up with any artistic merit for this pic. All
    it kept saying to me was 'crime scene'.  But then again, perhaps that makes it art! Your pic of the peoni was great; and it did look 'ribbony'. Thanks.


  3. Just where is that naked woman. I have looked for the last ten minutes. I give up.
    I do not think the has any artistic merit, sorry, Bill

  4. I like the concept, but I think the blurry outweighs the focused a little too much.


  5. Sorry Dan, this one doesn't do much for me.