Saturday, June 21, 2008

[The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind] Freakin' eh!

Yesterday was pretty nice.

Today? Not so much.

Right now, things sort of hurt. And, I'm just waiting to see if they get worse or if they somehow get better.

Fortunately, to take my mind off things, I just watched Jonathan Rhys-Davies get his face eaten by a sabretooth tiger in some comically low-budget "horror" film on the Sci-Fi Channel.

This movie has everything!

There are the requisite screeching, sex-starved hotties being guided through the brush by a grizzled, knife-wielding, mercenary turned animal-control officer. Lost's Josh Holloway plays Trent, a scrappy young lad who is currently trapped in a cave by a rather cartoonish version of a really pissed-off Tony the Tiger.

So, I'm not certain if someone's will be eaten, or if they may find themselves forced to eat a bowl of cereal. This movie is all over the dramatic map. In fact, as I write this, Animal-Control Mercenary just tumbled ass-over-tea-kettle down a hill for no good reason to land in a something called an unmarked-bear-trap.

That's just bad luck.

However, rather than pry himself loose from the unmarked bear-trap that's clutching his ankle, he's sent his crew of unwashed misfits into the forest to find spears. Because, when a prehistoric, meat-eating beast the size of a Volkswagen is on your heels, a pointed stick is just what you need to make the day better.

Those are tough-guy antics, right there, people.

Anyway, where was I?

Oh yes.

Things are kind of sore here again, and I'm probably not going to be doing much in the way of typing. I'll try to post a picture, but I can't promise anything. I'm just hoping things get better. The thing is, I seem to have been hoping for that for what seems to be the better part of a decade.

Unfortunately, with the way things have been hurting lately, I've not been able to get out and take too many pictures, so I'll see if I can dig up something entertaining, but I can't promise anything. So, check back if you wish. And, if not, have yourselves a dandy wild weekend. It's officially summer, so, really, what more of an excuse do you really need?


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