Monday, June 30, 2008

[The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind] Hey! Want Some Candy?

Haribo macht Kinder Fro! Und Erwachsne eben so!

I remember my first experience with the delightfully fruity candy that was the Gummi Bear.

It was years and years ago, before they were even known of in the United States, and my father brought home bags and bags of these yummy little bears from a business trip to Germany. We were astounded little children, and we simply gorged ourselves silly.

In fact, my twin brother ate so many, he threw up (though he did have the flu as well), and to this day, he can't eat a Gummi Bear without recalling that horrible night he was forced to look down into the porcelain bowl to see a rainbow of mangled little candy corpses staring back accusingly at him.

Now, these Gummi Lighthouses are not the official Haribo product from Germany, but I wonder if my twin wouldn't mind choking down a few of these by sliding them into his mouth and sucking them until they soften a bit.

Maybe I'll have to pick up a bag to see if he swings toward the lighthouse end of the gummi candy spectrum. After all, he's clearly not into bears.


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  1. ROFLMAO!!! rendered speechless.

  2. I first encountered Gummi bears on a German club field trip to Frankenmuth, Michigan. As you said, they weren't sold in the US yet--these were imported and sold at a German shop. They were delicious then, they're delicious now, whether the traditional bears or worms, or in the form you have pictured...I can't quite make it out, that shape...oh.

    Oh my!


  3. Hi dan, just got my pc back and I've been catching up with your entries. I wasn't going to comment on ny of them since I've still got a good fifty more emails to check out but, I had to add a note here if only to thank you for explaining that these sweets are actually shaped like lighthouses. Because, well, at first glance I thought....
    Maybe it's just me.