Monday, June 23, 2008

[The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind] Hurts...

Lots of things are hurting me today. There's the usual aches and pains in my hands and feet, but those things pale in comparison to the heartache I feel upon learning of the passing of George Carlin.

I can't say that he constantly made me laugh with every joke he told, but I can say that on those moments when a joke of his landed, I laughed harder than I thought possible.

My town, Milwaukee, has such an odd history with George Carlin. It was here where he was arrested for uttering his "Seven Dirty Words." I think some of his best fans are here, and in a way, Milwaukee has sort of adopted George Carlin, and we've come to see him as an important part of our city's history. And, because of him, we've all come to understand the value and importance of free speech.

I'm glad he broke a law that desperately needed to be broken, and because of his antics, a lot of comedians today can say what they truly feel. And that is something that should never be forgotten.

So yes. There is some sadness to today. And I am definitely going to miss this very funny man.


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  1. Yeah, I feel the same way. I described him to a friend as the grumpy old uncle who says things that make you go, "Jeez, Uncle George!" but you can't help but laugh. I posted his bit about cats on my journal, and I swear, I laughed till I cried, even all these years later.


  2. ... that is a good memorial for someone in show business ... I think he would really appreciate your thoughts ...