Monday, July 23, 2007

Kneel Before Zod!

    Behold the awesome power I possess:
Feingold Proposes Bush Censure
Posted: 2007-07-23 06:09:53
Filed Under: Nation, Politics
WASHINGTON (July 22) - Liberal Democratic Sen. Russ Feingold said Sunday he wants Congress to censure President Bush for his management of the Iraq war and his "assault" against the Constitution.(full story)
    Last Thursday, I sent Senator Feingold a blazing email in response to the latest Executive Order coming out of the White House, and today I awoke to see that he's now calling for a censure of our president.  (Yes.  Yes.  I know.  It's merely a coincidence, but in my mad, self-important, power-hungry world, I take what I can get).

    Unfortunately, it seems Russ didn't really pay too much attention to my email.  If he did, he really wouldn't be calling for the rough --yet, when it comes to this administration, ineffective-- public scolding a censure provides.  Nope.  If he followed my email, Senator Feingold would be standing on the front porch of the White House swinging a bar of soap inside a red, white and blue sweat-sock.  That's the only kind of censure that would get this president's attention.  Bush is a bully (albeit a very dense, mushy-brained bully, but a bully nonetheless).  And, words and these sorts of censures don't really have much of an effect on someone who rules through such fear and intimidation. 

    Ah well...  If I ever write my elected officials again, I will try to be a little more clear. 


  1. The power of cheese! You got the power, man. --Cin

  2. Next time you might try using illustrations. Just a thought.

  3. Did you catch Bill Maher's HBO special "The Decider" last night?  Right up your alley.  Brilliant of course.

  4. This American politics stuff is making my head hurt, cnt we wheel out the nutters to get him?
    Gaz ;-)