Monday, July 23, 2007


    Remember kids:  when attempting to post on AOL Journals, it's very important to save a copy of what you've written to your clipboard.  To do this, simply hit Ctrl+A, followed by Ctrl+C.  Then, when AOL demonstrates that their Journals product has, in fact, been coded by monkeys who've suffered some form of substantial head trauma, you can simply hit Ctrl+P when, and if, the capricious program sorts itself out.

    That said, rather than sit down and re-write the previous 3,000 word essay I foolishly attempted to post, I'll give you all the question and let you share your thoughts in the comment section.

     In an entry from last Saturday, Southernmush left the following comment:
Hi !!!!!!! Tonight I am feeling and thinking Political. What do you think of one's responsibility of having a voice when it comes to something they don't like or believe in ?? Do you think its important to have a voice when you feel a certain way ????

Thanks for sharing this. Take care.
Comment from southernmush - 7/21/07 8:07 PM
    Now, I had written a rather hefty reply to this.  And, no offense to Miss Mush, but I have no desire to retype the whole thing.  However, I will leave you with the following statement to gnaw on to hopefully help get you all started:

    All great change everywhere always starts with a small, single voice somewhere.

    That said, please share some thoughts. 

    I'm off to tweak my Blogger Blog since I plan to start posting there much more often and here a hell of a lot less. 



  1. Booooooooo  don't leave me!!!!

    be well,

  2. Well, Dawn, I'm not going very far.  Besides, the new site's a little prettier, I think.  And, you can play Pac Man there.  Who doesn't like Pac Man?


  3. Roflmao!! Sorry, I have gotten more flack than I can honestly say was necessary for my journal. Yes, by all means be outspoken. I am and always will be an advocate against domestic violence, animal cruelty, disability. Today I actually had someone claim I was too graphic in my wording and needed to post a Warning.(You will have to read today's entry for said Warning) So Yes be vocal, but don't expect that you will have the support of everyone else. (Hugs) Indigo

  4. Hi !!!!!!! Thanks for the special mention. I have to say that I hope you don't leave this. I have to say that I do believe in being outspoken its just that it can't be done on the job. I don't know if I can make a difference but I guess that you speak for what you believe in. I am quite opinionated on certain things that really get to me but some things I feel can be better left to people that are more informed than myself. Thanks again for the special mention. Take care.

  5. Dont gooooooooooooooooooooooo, we won't get any alerts when you post!
    Gaz :-(