Thursday, May 31, 2007

I'm in ur feedz...

    Now, if, like me, you're not yet tired of the LOLCats meme that's been destroying the internet, you can now have any feed you wish converted into a LOLCats' style of feline fun with LOLFeeds

    What they do is take the subjects of your entries, add random cat pictures, and turn them into cat macros.  Sometimes they make sense, sometimes they don't, and sometimes they are so spot on it's a little spooky.  For example:

    The LOL: makes the news much cuter.

    The LOL: The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind is pretty good.

    To transform your blog into a LOL: Blog, all you have to do is paste your journal's URL in the box that says "feed me" and add "rss.xml" (you can also use "atom.xml" but for the sake of this, I'm going with the rss as an example).

    For example, my feed looks like this:
    So, give it a whirl, and leave a link to your LOLFeed in the comments so I can see what overwhelming cuteness you've unleashed on the blogosphere. 


*update*  Holly's LOL Feed is killing me.  It's too funny.  Help wanted, Bookworms, naptime, they're supposed to moooove!  It hurts...  

    Unfortunately, I noticed that this little gizmo doesn't work with private journals (sorry, Cinzano!). 

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  1. The day off one was perfect. That long haired grey with the gold eyes looks like my Dusty.

  2. OMG... that was too funny!  I'm in UR Feeds... LOL  The cats were great... I loved it!  You find the best stuff!

    be well,

  3. waaaaaaaa doesnt work for private journals!!!!! omg i have to make a public one again nooooooooo nevermind, i must keep it private, not that i write in it much anymore, damn! i soooo wanted to try that
    too cute


  4. I loved it and of course I participated. Want to see mine??? Hey watch it was talking about the LOL Feed you pervert!

    Love this site, awesomely cute, but then again I'm an animal lover! Must be why I enjoy visiting you! (Hugs) Is this the only way I can get a visit to my journal from you.......ahhhh fuggit! Indigo

  5. I loved this site considering, I aint too keen on pussy usualy!
    Gaz ;-)

  6. abeautifulmess62June 2, 2007 at 7:08 AM

    That was fun. Here's mine. Kinda cute.

    ~Terry Ü

  7. ahahahahahahah!  My favorite one is "did I miss Naptime?"  This was so great! I'm off to convert some other people's unsuspecting blogs.  Muah ha ha!

  8. Awww, I like "Fun with Kids"---those LOL cats never get old with me. Holly's are purrrfect. (sorry) More LOL Cats! --Cin