Friday, May 25, 2007

Dumbass... Oy!

    Now, here's a fascinating bit of irony.

    Apparently, Fort Worth students were protesting the fact that, as a result of failing the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills exam (TAKS), they were unable to walk across the stage or participate in the commencement exercises. 

    Sad?  Yes.

    However, if you're going to protest and demand that you be allowed to take part in the ceremonies, don't you think that carrying a sign reading "Let Are Kids Walk"(pictured) is not exactly the best way of going about things? 



  1. I agree since (our) would have been the appropriate word! Amazing, but not really they are from Texas where the President reflects on how well the people of Texas are educated! LOL  "Leave no child behind" yeah right!

  2. Methinks there's a great "No Child Left Behind" joke in here somewhere.

  3. What's sad is that after 13 years of public prison (oop, I mean "school"), where kids are taught to "pass tests" whether they've learned anything or not, they create a test that their "passing" students fail. (Gee, is this is why I have a college degree but don't know shit?) I guess sitting at a desk being told to "be quiet" for all those years isn't educational after all?
    I've lived in Ft Worth. Nice people. Bush is from Connecticut and his parents live in Maine, right?

  4. LOL... OMG... peeing my pants with laughter.... DUH!!!

    be well,

  5. HA HA - awesome stuff on here... I'm going to stop in more often  ~Jacky

  6. Sigh....the truth of the matter- this is definitely a sad reality these days. My daughter is about to start her second year of college and her spelling is atrocious. Let alone having her write something that actually makes sense in any sentence form. Sound like me? Lol! (Hugs) Indigo