Friday, May 25, 2007


    You load 98 tons, and what do you get? 

    A big friggin' mess, if you ask me.

Athens - Cleanup crews in Athens collected 98 ton of beer cans left behind by Liverpool and AC Milan fans during their stay in the city for Wednesday's Champions League final, a city official said on Thursday.

"From Tuesday onwards, we collected seven truck-loads of beer cans," the official told private Flash Radio following AC Milan's 2-1 win.

"Each load is fourteen tonnes...and because beer has a certain effect on bodily functions, we had to wash many areas with shampoo afterwards," he added.

Thousands of fans, mainly Liverpool supporters, arrived in Athens without tickets and authorities created gathering areas in the city's main squares to accommodate them.

From the Zappeion gathering area alone, where a large screen was erected to show the final, cleanup crews collected two tonnes of beer cans, the official said.

"This has all gone into recycling," he said.

Police detained 230 fans found in possession of fake tickets but released them after questioning. (link to story)

    Umm...  Shampoo?!?  They actually had to shampoo the city of Athens?  Did they use Grecian Formula

    Sorry...  It just called for it, ya know. 




  2. Why do you have this information, Cinzano?  hahaha...  

    On the plus side, the shampoo has brighteners and it's STATIC FREE!


  3. You are right... it just begged for the Grecian formula jibe... LOL  Wow.... lotta beer... almost as much as Green Bay at football time!!  LOL

    be well,

  4. Nice, I'm surprised you didnt take off on the effects of certain bodily functions of beer LOL! What are we talking about here tossing the cookies, or something from the other end? (Hugs) Indigo