Saturday, May 26, 2007

I've Been on the Internets Too Long...

    I admit, when I first saw a bit about the STFU museum opening in Arkansas, I thought, It's about damned time! 
The STFU deserves to be remembered. In the history of organized labor, of civil rights, of Arkansas and the South, the STFU mattered.

Ain't that the truth.   I mean, they could devote an entire wing to Rosie O'Donnell alone.   That would be something I'd pay to see.  In fact, it could have a sort of petting-zoo attraction where a cardboard cutout could be set up with the offender's most annoying statements piped in, and people could just stand there and scream "STFU!"

    Unfortunately, my elation turned quickly to disappointment upon learning that the acronym STFU does not mean what I really, really want it to mean. 



  1. It don't? You are kidding me......... WTF? I could swear STFU, meant what you thought it did too!
    Gaz ;-)

  2. OMG... I guess I have to click and see what it stands for... I think I was under the same assumption as you!!

    be well,

  3. Ooh, unfortunate name! Sounds like a pretty cool museum though. --Cin

  4. Ok so I must be old or not into tech as much as I need to to know what you are referring to. But I will say isn't it interesting the war diverted wonders if that is what "Little George" is doing with his war. What is not getting attention since the war? What are we not looking into on our politicians? Hmmm? And these gas prices are outrages...a friend said in Chicago it is $3.84! No wonder they are protesting!