Monday, May 14, 2007

The Weakest Link...

    Another Mothers' Day is in the books, and I hope everyone's was fun and rewarding with family, friends and those crazy people in your lives who make things exciting.  Mine was good.  Any time I get to goof around with my mom, my dad and my brothers is always interesting and a source for lots of insane, goofy smiles. 

    My twin brother arrived with his wife, child and a tremendously wonked out back.  And, with the herd mentality of my family, any sign of weakness is something to be immediately exploited as the weakest link is ridiculed to the point of either leaving the herd, or he's left behind to be eaten by wolves.

    "Hey," I said.  "How'd you screw up your back?"
     "Oh, you know."  He said.  "I was doing manly, guy things.  Real testicle-straining stuff."
     "You were planting flowers!"  His wife shouted from the other room, "three tiny flowers!  I had to plant the rest."

    Obviously, the ridicule-meter was pegged in the red --almost as red as my brother's face at his wife's revelation that gardening damn near crippled him.

    During my laughter, he dropped a piece of cheese on the floor, and we both just sort of stared at it with a curious amusement.
    "Think you can do me a favor, Dan?"  My poor, broken brother asked with a nod toward the floor.
    "Not a problem," I replied before grabbing him by the back of his neck and bending him over.  "Can you reach it now?"

    Sometimes, I think it's the blood-chilling screams I miss the most from my childhood. 



  1. are sooo bad. I herniated 2 disks & my family has been so wonderful to me. Boys! Ugh. I'm surprised there wasn't any "pull my fingers".

    Chances are it wasn't the flowers but that was just the "straw that broke the camel's back" (oops).

  2. LMAO You are EVIL!!

  3. Would you consider letting your mother write an explanation of why she didn't give the bunch of you to the wolves, at birth?

  4. OMG... you and my hubby and your twin... may have triplets... LOL  

    be well,

  5. You never cease to remind me how lucky I am to have had a daughter LOL! He's your twin for gosh sakes, don't you two have that eerie mentality stuff going on when he hurts you hurt? (Hugs) Indigo

  6. This is why I stopped at ONE child.
    ;-) Cin

  7. I'm the youngest of five, it was usually me doing the screaming. So, I'm kinda sympathetic to your brother on this one. B.

  8. hey Dan,
    Gem here. Saw your journal link through Amanda's journal (trickey-trickey something like that..) I thought your comment was funny ("Can I play catcher?")
    anyway, your entries here proves you ARE funny.
    you can bother with mine, but I'm warning 'ya, it's the opposite, and darn! I like those caveman ad!
    Gem :-)

  9. I swear my childhood (shared with two, older brothers) would have been a lot more fun if I could have just thought like you.


            Well DP, I can say only good things about you there is always a good laugh as well himor but most of all you are very intellegent great entry and I am happy that you had a great mothers day.            
                                                                          patty Ann