Friday, May 25, 2007


    Now that's a big, freaking pig. 

    So, this 11-year old Alabama lad was out hunting when came across a wild boar weighing a smidge over a half a ton (1,051 lbs.).  Now, I think most people would have run screaming up the nearest tree with this beast hot on their tail, but Jamison Stone simply did what any other gun-toting Alabamian pre-teen would do.  He pulled out his trusty fifty-caliber pistol, blasted eight shots into the behemoth and chased it for three hours through the Alabama backwater before finishing it off with a point blank shot. 

    To find out more, Jamison's father put up a web-site devoted to the monster pig. (apparently, the site has been taken down due to negative comments It seems as though the site is back up and running with sections devoted to both negative and positive comments.  Check out the negative ones.  Some are just plain batty).

    Of course, it's stories like these that keep me out of Alabama.  I don't know if I'm more afraid of the big hogs, or the 11-year-old kids capable of firing fifty-caliber handguns. 

    Oh well, bye bye Big Pig. 

    Ham sandwich, anyone?



  1. Holy shit!! And to think...I've been out in the wilds of Alabama before. I'd have had a heart attack if I'd seen this thing! The only wildlife I came across was deer.

  2. abeautifulmess62May 25, 2007 at 3:43 PM

    WHAT THE...!??

    Holy Porkchops Batman!!

    ~Terry Ü

  3. That is just pathetic. You'd think his father would have taught him like On Golden Pond & Grumpy Old Men (II) to let the thing live if it has lived so long already!

    What has that thing been eating I wonder...maybe 11 yr olds! I hope the kid stepped in his do do! I'm not a fan of hunting...can you tell! HA! That boar better have been eaten if they are going to shot it. Can you imagine how many it would feed. Feed the homeless poor people with it.

    Hey...I just thought of our lovely presidents sits on his fanny & our guys are fighting...we should have had the present up against the boar. Forget Cheney he would of shot the 11 yr old. I can just see the president being chased down by this thing! HA!

    And don't tell me it would not have been fun to befriend this thing & show all your friends.

    It is quite interesting that these young kids can't be trusted to drive, go to war or marry (technically!) and they can run around with a gun! Something wrong with this picture.

    It takes a lot of guts, strength & manliness to fight an animal with a guy. Be a man & fight with your body like the boar only has!

    Ok, I better leave now before I really get pissed! HA!

  4. Holy freaking crap!!  The kid was toting a 50 cal?  Jeez... that is more wrong than the size of that freaking pig!!!!  

    be well,

  5. Like you. I'm not sure what's more scary, the size of the pig or a gun toting 11 year old.
    Only in America, eh?

  6. Lovely! See a pig that has roamed as nature intended in the woods and some podgy little brat comes and kills it for fun. Lets just hope he gets the crap beaten outa him every day for the rest of his fat sorry life. That has just made me SO mad!
    Sorry Dan, I just don't get this hunting shit!

  7. Amazing no one questioned the fact the kid had a gun? Don't they have laws stating you must be a certain age to fire a firearm? Secondly what the f***! This beautiful creature lived this long to have some snot nosed know it all hunt it down and torture it. Damn good thing the father took down the web site; He definitely would of gotten a piece of my mind. Ignorant pissant idiots! (Hugs) Indigo

  8. Well, this isn't going to win me any friends but here goes...

    I read some of the nasty comments on the website (yes, it is still up) and then sent Jamison a positive one. That was a good kill with a handgun (hell, I didn't get my first handgun until I was 13) and his tracking it for 3 hours is commendable. I've known slob hunters who wouldn't have bothered (well, actually they would have for this pig!). I know damn well that the same people who are anti-hunting have no idea the brutality of factory farming. They probably ate eggs that weren't from free-range hens for breakfast today. That's a lifetime of cruelty that a 3-hour hunt cannot compare with.

    Now all I can think of is fresh pork chops. Man, I miss raising pigs sometimes. The factory-farmed shit from the grocery store just cannot compare! Damn. This pig is going to need buckets and buckets of bbq sauce.


  9. What the's one more nail in my coffin:

    Those "wild" pigs are domestic, farm animals who went feral. The habitat destruction where feral hogs roam is reason enough to hunt them. That and they taste good.  

    Spay and neuter your cats, too, PLEASE!
    --Cin (just another meat-eating redneck)

  10. *cough*trickshot.

  11. Hey Dan, the story has reached our shores now....... Gaz

    Check it out.