Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I Feel Your Pain, Cinzano!

    Here's a link to a little snip of audio which I nicked from Dooce.

    Click here to listen.

    You may have to listen to FM100's Kristy Snow and her Salt Lake City traffic report twice to get the full effect of a seemingly over-medicated traffic reporter really giving it her all.         



  1. Ah, yes. God and Gin. They go together like downtown and the clap, don't they?

  2. This is why I listen to the radio out of a college in Georgia and an Ojibway rez in Wisconsin. And the TV is in the basement and I rarely go down there. Newspapers? Freaking joke out here. Last time someone phoned to try to sell me god's own Deseret News, I said that I use cat litter and do not have a bird cage that needs lining. I'm losing it. Send pot.
    (Aren't we scheduled for a Road Trip about now, Dan?)
    ;-) Cin

  3. Ooo...  I was just thinking today that I really do need a road trip.  Do you think I should beg AOL to foot the gas-money for a road-trip blogging adventure where I drop in on other bloggers to eat their dinners and sleep on their sofas?  


  4. So what's your point??

  5. You don't think someone from the moral majority paid her off and told her to blame it on Limbaugh's drug habit--do you?!

  6. I must be on drugs too, I didn't understand a word she said, but then I am a Brit!
    Gaz ;-)