Monday, May 26, 2008

[The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind] Weather Update.

Now, I don't need to explain the physics behind it since I'm sure you all know what happens when you heat something up and then cool it off quickly right?

Things have a way of going all asplody.

A short time ago, I'd say around 6 PM, the temperature here was in the mid-to-upper eighties. For Wisconsin in May, that was pretty freakin' weird. However, a short time later, at about 9 PM, the temperature had plummeted to around forty-five degrees.

Still... It was a great Memorial Day on this end, and I do sincerely hope yours was wonderful as well.

As for tomorrow, I don't know. From where I've been sitting, it seems as though the last six months or so have been etched and polished with a near-daily dose of one random pain after another, and for that, I do apologize. It's amazing how that sort of thing can just sap the spirit and serve no other purpose than to distract and annoy. And, unfortunately, there are many times throughout the day where it simply becomes too impossible to ignore, and then whatever I happen to be writing at the time just becomes a strange, disjointed mess of one meandering thought after another.

However, since I'm not really going out of my way to write for anyone other than myself, I'm kind of happy just purging the angst in whatever winding screed happens to find its way into my noggin at the moment I sit down and start clicking and clacking my way around (kind of like now, for example. I mean, there's really no point to this other than to just pass the time until I get sleepy enough to crash).

On the plus side, I'm actually feeling pretty great at the moment. In fact, at the moment, I'm feeling better than I have in about, oh... I'd say, the last six months. So, hopefully this is a sign that the combination of better weather and the weekly injections of Humira have started to spin things around for me.

Of course, I'm pragmatic enough to know that it's not a good idea to get my hopes up. After all, as anyone with a chronic health issue can tell you, about the only certainty is that, at some point, the rug will be yanked out from beneath you, and you will suddenly find yourself sitting flat on your ass, smack-dab in the middle of a really bad day. It's simply happened more times than I can count, and I'm certain it will happen more times than I care to imagine.

Still... I'm just enjoying the moment right now, and I do hope it lasts. But, most importantly, I hope you also enjoy those little but good moments whenever they find their way to you all.

Take care, and I'll see ya all tomorrow!


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  1. we all need a good day now and then Dan, if only to perk us up enough to suffer the bad ones. Hope yours lasts a while.