Wednesday, May 14, 2008

[The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind] Hello World!

Hi Earth.

It's been a while since last we spoke. I hope everything is well and wonderful on your end. How's the kids? Is work going okay for you?

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I am stoned off my gourd at the moment.

Yeah. It's one of those days where I woke up feeling as though I spent the night in a spinning cement mixer filled with bowling balls (thankfully, I must have been wearing a helmet since my head is pretty much the only thing that doesn't hurt. So, at least I was smart at some point. Hooray me!).

Still... I think I need a break. I could use some time off to reorganize my thoughts, ideas and sundry notions. After all, right now, the only thing going through my blurry mind is the word "ouch," and my rather ubiquitous, yet gap-filled, plan to rule the world (I've decided to use kittens instead of bombs. And, I figure if we start by unloading enough kittens on that sandbox in the Middle East, well... I don't need to tell you how cats are genetically predisposed to the destruction of sandboxes, do I?).

But, I digress (yowza! I'm good at wandering off track, aren't I?)...

The thing is, Earth, Holly was saying something about everyone being on a blogging break, of sorts, and well... The idea seemed like a good one to me. So, Earth? If you, as a planet, are upset by this, I suggest you blame her.

It's okay. She can take it. Holly's a people person, after all.

So, that said, I'll see you later, Earth. You can keep up with what I'm looking at by checking out my Flickr photostream, but even that's going to be a little slow. And, don't worry. I'll be back when I'm feeling a little better.


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  1. Feel better soon my friend. I'll miss your ravings.


  2. Get better! We need your "warpness" to get through the day.

  3. Enjoy the haze, but feel better soon, okay?


  4. I stopped by to visit Holly she's a delight! (Raises eyebrow) I did happen to notice you said something about chasing off all your readers...hmmm so that was done on purpose was it? I commented to her that it was highly unlikely but you are "very, very, very" horrible at visiting (I left out the very in my comment to her but you get the idea)...So stoned off your gourd and you didn't share any of your shrooms? Pssht, your being a sour one aren't you. All in fun my dear friend, do drop an email, comment when the mood stikes to remind me you do know who I am. (Hugs) Indigo