Monday, May 19, 2008

[The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind] Waiting and waiting...

I like Amazon, and various other email-order based internetty businesses. The prices are cheap, shipping's not too much of a raping, and, so far, the things I've ordered have arrived in one piece as opposed to receiving a box of jagged little shards which look nothing like the picture on the respective website (unless you're shopping from brokenstuff, or, of course).

Nonetheless, the one drawback to the whole shopping online experience is the waiting.

Right now, I am waiting for a camera flash I ordered from Amazon to arrive. I'm hoping it comes today, but from what I can guess, it'll probably be here tomorrow. Or the day after... or...

You get the picture.

I'm also waiting for a diffuser for the flash from Adorama; however, since I'm dumb and everything, that probably won't show up until Thursday.

Why am I dumb?

Well, though I absolutely love the store, and though it's highly probable I would easily sleep with anyone working there in exchange for some free camera goodies, Adorama has a somewhat wonky ordering policy which doesn't exactly mesh with my "Let's shop after 3PM on a Thursday" brand of rabid consumerism. You see, they shut down their order-filling internets at that time, and though you can still order, that order isn't going to be filled until Monday.

I've done this three times so far, and each time, I tell myself that I am going to buy on a Wednesday. However, somewhere in my warped and giddy "Ooo... I'm buying an internet" mind, I see their shiny things, and that Thursday or Friday turns into a Monday or a Tuesday, and I inevitably kick myself for not ordering earlier (trust me, people! This makes sense somewhere in my brain).

In other words, it's more waiting... Ugh...

Of course, all that pales in comparison to the wireless flash triggers I ordered from Hong Kong. I placed that order, and the next day, Southeast Asia get smacked by typhoons, earthquakes, hurricanes, and Godzilla. So, I'm thinking that air-mail to Wisconsin probably isn't exactly at the top of their list. So, the odds of that showing up before July, I'm thinking, are pretty slim.

The thing is, it's all so convenient. Unfortunately, this whole waitingthing is seriously cutting into the time I could be spending growing bored with my toys.


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  1. If you get the flash but not the diffuser, just drape a tissue over the flashgun, it works well enough.