Friday, May 23, 2008

[The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind] Friday's Foto is Fluffy.

Ah... yes. The DeafCat.

She's all about the stage...

I like this one; however, I really did screw up the Photoshopping on it. But, you know, they can't all be winners. I should be safe so long as the little diva furball doesn't see this picture.


Posted By Dan to The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind at 5/23/2008 11:38:00 AM


  1. I dunno Dan, that look - I think she's almost daring you to screw it up so she can have your unworthy head on a royal platter.


  2. Yeah.  Those little black eyes of hers are kind of terrifying.  Perhaps I should sleep with my boots on rather than wake up with a few missing toes.  


  3. Love the photo, congratulations on being an "Guest Editor Pick"


  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one that noticed you demonized the poor dear...By the way congratulations on being one of Rebecca's picks this week. I get to say I knew you before you were _____ I'll let you fill in the blank on that one.(winks)..Your an interesting guy, gotta give you kudos on never knowing exactly whats going to pop up on the screen in front of me, from demonized cats to anti social religious zealots...It's been one hell of a fun ride (Don't even let your mind go there..) (Hugs) Indigo

  5. I like your photos, congratulations on being a guest editor pick :o)

  6. congrats on being a guest editor's pick; I'm more of a dog person, but this cat's picture is cute :)


  7. I rather like how the eyes are just black orbs, no detail noticeable, more striking and as if secretive.