Thursday, May 29, 2008

[The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind] Et Tu?

I am amazed at the alacrity of the White House to completely disown Scott McClellan in light of the information contained in his book which details, quite clearly, the deceptions, dishonesty and machinations of the Bush Administration in the run-up to the folly that is the Iraq War.

First, Karl Rove mentioned that McClellan "sounds more like a Liberal blogger" than the usual boot-licking toady we've come to expect from White House press-secretaries.

The funny thing about Rove's comments is that, in all his bluster to discredit and attack McClellan, rather than address the information in McClellan's book, all Rove managed to accomplish is to point out that, all along, those Liberal bloggers were, in fact, right about Bush and his deceptions, and not the treasonous, anti-American folks these right-wing mouthpieces attempted to make them out to be.

Then, that smarmy, little whippet, Dana Perino rattled out some gibberish in attempt to cast some dispersions upon McClellan's sanity by pointing out that McClellan has obviously lost his mind and he is now, most certainly, not the Scott they've come to know and love.

The funny thing is, I highly doubt these lackeys of the Bush will ever understand the motivations behind McClellan's betrayal. After all, in order to understand why McClellan did what he did, Bush, and his corrupt and bungling crew, must first learn about and possess a conscience. Like McClellan, they must feel a shred of remorse for the near-infinite number of deceptions and moments of outright dishonesty, and that is something which Bush, in his infantile arrogance, will never feel. All you will ever see is more and more mock-bravado and silly posturing from a man who is more like a terrified, inept and incompetent child than the leader of the supposed free world.

The actions and statements of the White House with regards to McClellan should be seen as a metaphor for the entire Bush administration. A man tries to tell the truth. Yet, rather than embrace or address those truths, Bush and his cronies immediately, embarrassingly take steps to distance themselves from that truth. They resort to small, petty attacks rather than actually address what is being said.

The best part is that now our poor, betrayed Dubya will obviously be sitting alone on his porch rocking silently in his chair in the sad, little, lonely world abandoned by those who actually have some shred of integrity and human decency.



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  1. ... you are too hopeful ... the reality is, that bullies never learn the lessons we wish for them ... the prettiest girl who breaks your heart never has hers broken like yours ... and the rich people who go 'broke' never know the humility of poverty ...

    ... there are enough 'neo-spawn' to continue foisting themselves upon society to make things chaotic ...

  2. Well...  At least, if nothing else, I can dream, right?  


  3. "A man tries to tell the truth. Yet, rather than embrace or address those truths,"

    I'm gonna be a bitch here, goes.  How the hell do you know what he says is the truth?  Seriously.  HOW DO YOU KNOW THIS TO BE THE TRUTH?   LOL  

  4. Well, Stormy, I suppose it probably has something to do with the fact that he's not been sued for libel.  

    However, you are correct.  I should have chosen my words a little more carefully.  Of course, it is quite telling that rather than attempt to dispel the mystery or clarify McClellan's assertions, the White House has simply chosen to attack the man instead of the message.