Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Clustery Goodness...

Me old stompin' grounds   I took a look at my tiny cluster map on the bottom of my About Me section, and I saw a little blip from across the pond in a place that is suspiciously close to my old stomping grounds of Eindhoven, The Netherlands.  It's a little tough to tell, actually.  I mean, it could be Luxembourg or Belgium, and well...  In order to avoid an international incident, I'll just say that I love the waffles, the Trappist monks, the beer, and I'm dreadfully sorry about the mess I made the last time I was there.  But, for the record, you DID unleash Jean-Claude VanDamme on us, so what do you say we call it even?

    However, if it IS Eindhoven, then I am secretly hoping it is a few of the friends I've made who have fortunately kept this ugly American out of a comfy Dutch jail cell during our many ramblings up and down the Stratums Eind (Seriously, the Dutch are famous for the relaxing comfort of their penal system). 

     The people I'm most hoping to see visit from that part of Europe would have to be my friends Peter the sax-playing somelier, Robert and Bertol the greatest bartending duo in Noord Brabant and Bertol's brother Gerwin who, although a good bartender in his own right, is not afraid to throw back countless slippery nipples or lunch-boxes until we find ourselves eating some sort of deep fried, death-food pulled out of a wall at three am. in some brightly lit, painful Dutch automat. 

     Yep.  I miss my friends on that part of the planet terribly.  It's been a long time, after all. 


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  1. What you need is an outside counter that tells you where your visitors are coming from.